• Society Pizza Bar - Bondi Beach

    Society Pizza Bar - Bondi Beach

    Posted by Vittoria Wynne from Bondi Area* on 06-10-19

    Society is a family owned business founded by Italian brother and sister team Jonathan Faro and Vittoria Wynne. What started as a modest event catering business has become a Bondi and Sydney institution in record time based on a simple recipe for…

  • Shelving or avoiding decisions about the oldies is a recipe for disaster.

    Shelving or avoiding decisions about the…

    Posted by Dorothy Kamaker from Eastern Suburbs Area on 05-10-19

    If either you or a loved one is never going to get old and need support, stop reading now. Alternatively, if the well-being of an older person is your responsibility, you might find our service valuable. We are two registered nurses who have retrained as…

  • Recycle Recycle!

    Recycle Recycle!

    Posted by The View of Vaucluse from Eastern Suburbs Area on 04-10-19

    The Shampoo Collection is providing another way to help us all make sustainable decisions. In partnership with Dresden Vision, recycled shampoo containers are collected from salons like us and re-purpose them to make funky frames for your next set of…

  • The Anchor Bar & Restaurant Bondi

    The Anchor Bar & Restaurant Bondi

    Posted by Ayla from Bondi Area* on 04-10-19

    Salty seaside restaurant and bar serving fresh food, cocktails and rock 'n' roll. Salty beach-side bar and restaurant...margaritas and rock'n'roll. Recent Trip Advisor reviews:- I ordered spaghetti bolognaise but others ordered the roast which looked…

  • Ade Upholstery

    Ade Upholstery

    Posted by Ari Shmailov from Bondi Area* on 03-10-19

    ADE Upholstery prides itself on a tradition of superior craftsmanship, timeless style and modern functionality. Restoration works, commercial jobs and bespoke pieces are designed and built for a lifetime of use and enjoyment. Established in 1990, ADE…

  • Power & Henderson Estate Agents

    Power & Henderson Estate Agents

    Posted by Meg Power from Bondi Area* on 03-10-19

    Welcome to Power & Henderson Estate Agents - A Boutique Agency with a Personal Approach Entrenched in the local community, Power & Henderson is a boutique agency dedicated to delivering an unprecedented level of service in property sales and management.…

  • Wayside Chapel Bondi Beach

    Wayside Chapel Bondi Beach

    Posted by Graham Anson from Bondi Area* on 03-10-19

    Wayside Chapel’s Community Services Centre’s (CSC) – one in Kings Cross and one in Bondi – have been providing community services to members of the eastern suburbs since 1964. CSC staff and volunteers work together, seven days a week, to provide those of…

  • Optimal health outcomes are no accident.

    Optimal health outcomes are no accident.

    Posted by Dorothy Kamaker from Eastern Suburbs Area on 03-10-19

    When you are sick or debilitated, it's sometimes impossible to figure out how to get the best from the healthcare system, or how to be sure you know enough to make important decisions. Virtually every healthcare provider claims to have your interests…

  • 10 Habits to improve your health as you get older

    10 Habits to improve your health as you…

    Posted by Brigitta Plosz from Bondi Junction on 02-10-19

    You can live a high quality of your life by following the top 10 habits of the healthiest people in the world. 1. Keep your spine and nervous system healthy Your nervous system controls every cell, tissue and organ in your body, so make sure you’re…

  • Cape Cod Australia

    Cape Cod Australia

    Posted by Cape Cod from Eastern Suburbs Area on 01-10-19

    Cape Cod Australia is Sydney’s most experienced first-floor home renovations designer & builder, specialists in all house styles including Federation and Californian through to the latest architectural designs. We are experts renovating semi-detached…

  • Certify My Pool

    Certify My Pool

    Posted by Sonia Nahvi from Eastern Suburbs Area on 01-10-19

    NOT ALL POOL CERTIFIERS ARE THE SAME Just because the Council says something must be done - doesn't necessarily mean that it is so !  We  regularly apply for Exemptions - saving your vegetation and sometimes even the need for fencing !! We work to save…

  • Experienced Mortgage Broker

    Experienced Mortgage Broker

    Posted by Craig McDonald from Bondi Area* on 30-09-19

    Mortgage broker with over 20 years experience in the finance industry. Specialising in First Home buyers, people looking to upgrade and investors or people looking for a lower interest rate. We have access to over 30 different lenders so call us today to…



    Posted by The View of Vaucluse from Vaucluse on 30-09-19

    Based in Sydney's Eastern suburbs, The View of Vaucluse is home to a friendly, energetic team of hair professionals who pride themselves on client satisfaction.  Positioned in picturesque Vaucluse, on the corner where Old South Head Road meets New South…

  • Michelle Fuehrer - Change Facilitator

    Michelle Fuehrer - Change Facilitator

    Posted by Michelle Fuehrer from Bayside Area* on 30-09-19

    Michelle Fuehrer ~ Change Facilitator

  • KO Designer

    KO Designer

    Posted by Kristy Olsen from Bondi Area* on 30-09-19

    Experienced interior architecture studio specialising in hospitality and residential design. Inspired by travel, architecture, people and nature, KO Designer focuses on creating beautiful spaces to intrigue patrons/ home owners, add value to property…

  • Ropers Seaside Pharmacy

    Ropers Seaside Pharmacy

    Posted by John Roper from Bondi Area* on 30-09-19

    Local Community Chemist Friendly professional advice and customer service. Services available include:  Blood Pressure Monitoring Dose Administration Aids (e.g. Blister Packs) Home Delivery Services (Individuals in Community) Home Medicines Review…

  • Bru Coffee Bondi

    Bru Coffee Bondi

    Posted by Sondra from Bondi Area* on 29-09-19

    A local hangout - good coffee I love Bru Bar - I am a local and there regularly! Staff are lovely and the food is great. For something different and super healthy try the breakfast bowl. But if you love a bacon and egg roll - the Bru Bad Boy is for you.…

  • Transition Bondi

    Transition Bondi

    Posted by James Li from Bondi Area* on 28-09-19

    Transition Bondi is a community group in Sydney, Australia, based on the principles of the global Transition Town movement. Through workshops and events, such as our popular Film & Feast night, a monthly Dig Day at our community garden and a farmers…

  • Bondi Beach Gelatissimo

    Bondi Beach Gelatissimo

    Posted by Sharlene from Bondi Area* on 27-09-19

    Fresh, artisanal, delicious. Every day our artisan gelato makers are churning freshly made gelato in store with only the best ingredients, with no artificial colours or flavours. The Gelatissimo story began in 2002 where our first store opened on King…

  • Bondi Bowling Club

    Bondi Bowling Club

    Posted by Olivia Carney from Bondi Area* on 26-09-19

    A new scene is emerging in a beautiful 1930’s clubhouse, secreted away in the back-streets of Australia’s most famous beachside suburb. This is a spacious historical site, programmed with a small bar mentality. WHAT OUR LEGENDARY CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING…

  • Alice's Garden Bondi

    Alice's Garden Bondi

    Posted by Elisa Trandinh from Bondi Area* on 26-09-19

    Who is Alice? Alice’s Garden is a European outdoor furniture company which was founded in 2010 to deliver good products and customer service quality at the best price – https://www.alicesgarden.fr. By applying this motto diligently, Alice’s Garden grew…

  • Bondi Beach Backpackers

    Bondi Beach Backpackers

    Posted by Richard Dudley from Bondi Area* on 26-09-19

    Nachos & Red Wine & Live Music every Thursday Night Come & stay @ Bondi Beach Backpackers at 35a Hall Street, Bondi Beach. Every Thursday we have FREE! Nachos and Red Wine for our guests from 7pm We then head out to Bar 34 for FREE! Live music. Enjoy! …

  • Get It Fixt - Bondi Beach

    Get It Fixt - Bondi Beach

    Posted by Paul Logan from Bondi Area* on 26-09-19

    We help our customers with mobile related issues, device health-checks, fixing screens using only original Apple and Samsung LCD & parts.  Come visit us in the heart of Bondi Beach. 7 main reasons why you should choose Get it Fixt Bondi Beach, apart…

  • Home Sweet Home Care Nursing

    Home Sweet Home Care Nursing

    Posted by Marella Stigler from Eastern Suburbs Area on 25-09-19

    Two lifetimes of experience in nursing have combined to create a truly special and unique service. Marella Stigler and Karen Kelly met when working together on a common project in 2010. They quickly realised there was a common level of professionalism,…

  • Home Sweet Home Care

    Home Sweet Home Care

    Posted by Marella Stigler from Eastern Suburbs Area on 25-09-19

    Home Sweet Home Care is the perfect solution for seniors who aren’t ready to leave the familiarity and comforts of home for an institutional setting when they have an illness or chronic medical condition.  We understand how important it is for people to…