Why do we buy classic cars? To show ourselves off? To show the car off? To show others what we can buy with our income? To show others our taste in cars? To show our preferences in cars? Or is it just that classic cars gives the owner great satisfaction owning and driving it.

Owning a classic car is an expensive hobby, because you have to take a lot of care of it, like a beautiful pet. Mostly, they live in the garage and are said to have low mileage because they are not often on the road. They are cars of a previous age.

This time we are featuring the iconic 1988 Ferrari Testarrosa, (named after Testa Rosa, World Sports car champion in 1957) which means red-head and refers to the red painted cam covers in the flat 12-cylinder engines. Josh from Edgecliff Automotive says everything about this red Ferrari is an icon, whatever needs to be done, you just have to get it done; there is no half way with this car.

The 1988 Ferrari Testarrosa was designed in an era of bold colours, style and icons. 1988 Ferrari Testarrosa The design team was headed by Leonardo Fioravanti who relished working on this Ferrari, and could ply his trade as an aerodynamic engineer. He added those iconic side strakes not only as a feature, but they also channelled clean air to cool those the side radiators, and then cycle through the car to cool it all.

Who else has owned a 1988 Ferrari Testarrosa? Elton John; Rod Stewart, Mike Tyson and The Wolf of Wall Street. Some cars are just old, they do not have the magic of being a classic, they were built with care, not flair and were just a car! A classic car has it's story engraved into the glove leather, and in the wood of the dash. Many of them caused the establishment of the brand in our minds, in our hearts as well as on the road.

They required the driver to become part of the system. When asked about cruise control in a Porsche Boxter recently, Josh said "there’s no cruise control. Porsche prefer you to drive the car." James May from "Top Gear" says controversially, "if classics were good they’d still be made.

Modern cars are faster, handle better, are more reliable, more comfortable, more economical and mostly cheaper to purchase." (petrolicous.com) However, after all this time the clearly inferior classic car not only exists but is thriving.

The process begins with a designer with a dream who has been given an opportunity to perform. They are unconstrained, and add boldness and daring, and a deep understanding of the times and the people who would driving the car. In fact, not many were made because they were handmade by craftsmen.

Classic cars do not come with computers to diagnose problems, and require understanding, knowledge and diagnostics from our technicians to figure out what’s not working and how to fix it. It is as much an art as a science and we will go to any lengths to achieve a superior outcome for our clients, even importing original parts from overseas if needed.

Modern cars may be more reliable, may be more efficient and may be more comfortable, but they lack a certain style, passion and finesse. Some call it character, or soul, a certain individuality that causes people to give their car a name and treat it like a member of the family.

That’s just what we do at Edgecliff Automotive and Cooper Park, treat the classic cars we service like members of the family. We do it because that’s what we love doing and that’s what our clients and their cars deserve.


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