• At Inviva, we believe now is the perfect time to make the most of all that you have worked hard to achieve – In Viva! In Life!‍

  • We offer flexible home equity loans for over 55s to leverage the equity you have built up in your home to help you get more out of life.

  • Whether you desire to travel the world, renovate the family home, help your kids onto the property ladder or simply supplement your retirement income – Inviva is here to help!


  • Inviva is committed to solving a key dilemma facing today’s over 55s. Many own their own home and have enjoyed considerable asset appreciation over the past decades.

  • Yet much of their wealth is tied up in the family home, making it difficult to access the funds needed to achieve their retirement goals. And with many banks choosing not to lend to this group – a new solution was needed.

  • Inviva has worked with some of Australia’s leading financial experts to create Equity Empower, an innovative and flexible home equity loan that is secured against your home or investment property to allow you to access funds on your terms – either as a lump sum, income stream or a line of credit – your money, your choice! Our loans do not require regular repayments, and lending decisions are based on assets and credit history – not income or job status.

  • And with a fast, easy application process, we are able to help thousands of Australians like you to unlock the power of your home equity without the need to sell your home.


  • Inviva operates on the principles of celebration, optimism, trust, approachability, and spirit. Every day our team comes to work with pride and commitment — to find financial solutions to the challenges faced by our customers, allowing them to achieve their goals and enjoy this important phase of their lives.

  • We are committed to lending responsibly, behaving ethically, and treating all our customers with respect.


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