Established in NSW 2009, Suzie Coghlan found herself spending more and more time on the road.  Between looking after her child with disability, and the increasing medical needs of two aging parents, she saw the need for a personalised service that helped people get around in their community and maintain their independence.

So Suzie established Carers That Drive – and the name says it all!  From small beginnings, with one or two other drivers, the word quickly spread and the service grew.  Today, Carers That Drive helps people throughout greater Sydney, the Central Coast, some rural areas of NSW and the Sunshine Coast region of Qld.

Suzie and the team take great pride in getting to know their clients and making the best match between client and driver.  With each booking you know exactly who your driver will be and your driver will have been briefed on what your needs are.

Carers That Drive match 3 supporters to each client, so you never miss out!

You can still find Suzie on the road today from time to time whether that’s driving a first-time client or helping out one of our ‘regulars’, Suzie is always keeping her finger on the pulse.

CTD Head Office, PO Box 4084, Castlecrag, NSW 2068