Posted by The View of Vaucluse from Vaucluse on 30-09-19

    Based in Sydney's Eastern suburbs, The View of Vaucluse is home to a friendly, energetic team of hair professionals who pride themselves on client satisfaction.  Positioned in picturesque Vaucluse, on the corner where Old South Head Road meets New South…

  • Michelle Fuehrer - Change Facilitator

    Michelle Fuehrer - Change Facilitator

    Posted by Michelle Fuehrer from Bayside Area* on 30-09-19

    Michelle Fuehrer ~ Change Facilitator

  • KO Designer

    KO Designer

    Posted by Kristy Olsen from Bondi Area* on 30-09-19

    Experienced interior architecture studio specialising in hospitality and residential design. Inspired by travel, architecture, people and nature, KO Designer focuses on creating beautiful spaces to intrigue patrons/ home owners, add value to property…

  • Ropers Seaside Pharmacy

    Ropers Seaside Pharmacy

    Posted by John Roper from Bondi Area* on 30-09-19

    Local Community Chemist Friendly professional advice and customer service. Services available include:  Blood Pressure Monitoring Dose Administration Aids (e.g. Blister Packs) Home Delivery Services (Individuals in Community) Home Medicines Review…

  • Bru Coffee Bondi

    Bru Coffee Bondi

    Posted by Sondra from Bondi Area* on 29-09-19

    A local hangout - good coffee I love Bru Bar - I am a local and there regularly! Staff are lovely and the food is great. For something different and super healthy try the breakfast bowl. But if you love a bacon and egg roll - the Bru Bad Boy is for you.…

  • Transition Bondi

    Transition Bondi

    Posted by James Li from Bondi Area* on 28-09-19

    Transition Bondi is a community group in Sydney, Australia, based on the principles of the global Transition Town movement. Through workshops and events, such as our popular Film & Feast night, a monthly Dig Day at our community garden and a farmers…

  • Bondi Beach Gelatissimo

    Bondi Beach Gelatissimo

    Posted by Sharlene from Bondi Area* on 27-09-19

    Fresh, artisanal, delicious. Every day our artisan gelato makers are churning freshly made gelato in store with only the best ingredients, with no artificial colours or flavours. The Gelatissimo story began in 2002 where our first store opened on King…

  • Bondi Bowling Club

    Bondi Bowling Club

    Posted by Olivia Carney from Bondi Area* on 26-09-19

    A new scene is emerging in a beautiful 1930’s clubhouse, secreted away in the back-streets of Australia’s most famous beachside suburb. This is a spacious historical site, programmed with a small bar mentality. WHAT OUR LEGENDARY CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING…

  • Alice's Garden Bondi

    Alice's Garden Bondi

    Posted by Elisa Trandinh from Bondi Area* on 26-09-19

    Who is Alice? Alice’s Garden is a European outdoor furniture company which was founded in 2010 to deliver good products and customer service quality at the best price – https://www.alicesgarden.fr. By applying this motto diligently, Alice’s Garden grew…

  • Bondi Beach Backpackers

    Bondi Beach Backpackers

    Posted by Richard Dudley from Bondi Area* on 26-09-19

    Nachos & Red Wine & Live Music every Thursday Night Come & stay @ Bondi Beach Backpackers at 35a Hall Street, Bondi Beach. Every Thursday we have FREE! Nachos and Red Wine for our guests from 7pm We then head out to Bar 34 for FREE! Live music. Enjoy! …

  • Get It Fixt - Bondi Beach

    Get It Fixt - Bondi Beach

    Posted by Paul Logan from Bondi Area* on 26-09-19

    We help our customers with mobile related issues, device health-checks, fixing screens using only original Apple and Samsung LCD & parts.  Come visit us in the heart of Bondi Beach. 7 main reasons why you should choose Get it Fixt Bondi Beach, apart…

  • Home Sweet Home Care & Nursing

    Home Sweet Home Care & Nursing

    Posted by Marella Stigler from Bondi Area* on 25-09-19

    Two lifetimes of experience in nursing have combined to create a truly special and unique service. Marella Stigler and Karen Kelly met when working together on a common project in 2010. They quickly realised there was a common level of professionalism,…

  • Home Sweet Home Care

    Home Sweet Home Care

    Posted by Marella Stigler from Eastern Suburbs Area on 25-09-19

    Home Sweet Home Care is the perfect solution for seniors who aren’t ready to leave the familiarity and comforts of home for an institutional setting when they have an illness or chronic medical condition.  We understand how important it is for people to…

  • Bondi Beach Opals, Minerals & Fossils

    Bondi Beach Opals, Minerals & Fossils

    Posted by Giovanna Lahoud from Bondi Area* on 25-09-19

    Our fascination with Opals began in the outback of NSW in a small town called Lightning Ridge, over 30 years ago. Once we uncovered our first rainbow gem from the sandy clay earth, there was no turning back. There is something truly magic about…



    Posted by Eleanor Harris (Ellie) from Bondi Area* on 25-09-19

    Grow It Local Festival marks the launch of Grow It Local and is happening in Sydney 18–24, 2019.  Grow It Local Festival is a celebration of knowledge and skill sharing and community-led experiences rooted in growing, sharing and eating locally grown…

  • Cute, Friendly Teacup Poodle Puppies

    Cute, Friendly Teacup Poodle Puppies

    Posted by David from Bondi Area* on 24-09-19

    Adorable, lovable, affectionate, and cuddly. These cute, friendly Teacup Poodle Puppies are family raised with lots of TLC and are very well socialized. Shots and deworm are up to date and they have been vet checked. These happy, health pups will make…

  • Barbarella Productions

    Barbarella Productions

    Posted by Arielle Nakache from Eastern Suburbs Area on 24-09-19

    Barbarella Productions brings a fierce Warrior Woman attitude, courage, tenacity and unrelenting persistence to help get you to the next level with your business or brand. Barbarella provokes to help you clarify your WHY so that you can be more BOLD in…

  • Barbarella LOVE Party - supporting One Wave mental health awareness

    Barbarella LOVE Party - supporting One…

    Posted by Arielle Nakache from Bondi Area* on 24-09-19

    Barbarella Productions is hosting a Barbarella LOVE Party on October 18 to support the local community to connect over a night of Barbarella-themed fun. As a mental health awareness advocate, Barbarella’s goal is to also raise awareness and funds to…

  • Kids Giving Back Holiday Volunteering programs

    Kids Giving Back Holiday Volunteering…

    Posted by Ruth Tofler-Riesel from Bondi Area* on 24-09-19

    We have some seriously amazing holiday volunteering programs coming up in October - let your kids experience the joy that comes from making a difference, sign up now https://kidsgivingback.org/school-holiday-programs/ The Power of Play, Helping Hands for…

  • Endurance Treadmills Launches Appartment Friendly Treadmill

    Endurance Treadmills Launches Appartment…

    Posted by dean piazza from Eastern Suburbs Area on 24-09-19

    Endurance Treadmills From Sydney Australia has just launched a new appartment friendly Treadmill model that is perfect for small appartments or where space is at a premium. This treadmill comes with a large size running belt 50cm wide x 130cm Long but…

  • How to Grow Basil

    How to Grow Basil

    Posted by Eleanor Harris (Ellie) from Bondi Area* on 24-09-19

    We’ve raved about it before, Basil is a hero of the herb garden that keeps your kitchen fragranced all on its own. Here’s how to grow it. In our eyes, Basil is a must for any home or garden. It’s a herb that’s crept its way into cuisines all around the…

  • Michael Malley Escapes Alcatraz

    Michael Malley Escapes Alcatraz

    Posted by Renee Malley from Bondi Area* on 24-09-19

    Malleys Lawyers Principal Solicitor Michael Malley recently returned from his inspirational ocean swim trip to San Francisco.  Michael completed his goal of the two ocean swims alongside his friends from both the Bondi Icebergs Swimming Club and the…

  • 5 Top Anti-Aging Foods to Support Your Skin

    5 Top Anti-Aging Foods to Support Your…

    Posted by Brigitta Plosz from Bondi Area* on 24-09-19

    Beautiful, glowing skin starts with how we eat, but these anti-aging foods can also help with more than that. 1. Watercress Packed with vitamins A and C, the antioxidants in watercress Trusted Source may neutralize harmful free radicals, helping to keep…

  • Charge Your Electric Car At Bondi Beach

    Charge Your Electric Car At Bondi Beach

    Posted by Tony Maguire from Bondi Area* on 24-09-19

    A new electric vehicle charging station at Bondi is heralding in a new beach experience – as you recline on the sand soaking up the UV, your car can be charging on the promenade. The new facility was launched by Waverley Mayor John Wakefield, who said:…

  • Bondi Wonderland Song

    Bondi Wonderland Song

    Posted by Eastern Suburbs Life from Bondi Area* on 24-09-19

    Celebrate 10 years of Bondi Winter Magic as Bondi is set to sparkle even brighter in 2019! Bondi will once again be transformed into Sydney’s winter playground by the sea at Bondi Winter Magic!  Bondi Winter Magic has become a winter tradition for…