• Shelving or avoiding decisions about the oldies is a recipe for disaster.

    Shelving or avoiding decisions about the…

    Posted by Dorothy Kamaker from Eastern Suburbs on 05-10-19

    If either you or a loved one is never going to get old and need support, stop reading now. Alternatively, if the well-being of an older person is your responsibility, you might find our service valuable. We are two registered nurses who have retrained as…

  • Optimal health outcomes are no accident.

    Optimal health outcomes are no accident.

    Posted by Dorothy Kamaker from Eastern Suburbs on 03-10-19

    When you are sick or debilitated, it's sometimes impossible to figure out how to get the best from the healthcare system, or how to be sure you know enough to make important decisions. Virtually every healthcare provider claims to have your interests…

  • 10 Habits to improve your health as you get older

    10 Habits to improve your health as you…

    Posted by Brigitta Plosz from Bondi Junction on 02-10-19

    You can live a high quality of your life by following the top 10 habits of the healthiest people in the world. 1. Keep your spine and nervous system healthy Your nervous system controls every cell, tissue and organ in your body, so make sure you’re…

  • Home Sweet Home Care

    Home Sweet Home Care

    Posted by Marella Stigler from Eastern Suburbs on 25-09-19

    Home Sweet Home Care is the perfect solution for seniors who aren’t ready to leave the familiarity and comforts of home for an institutional setting when they have an illness or chronic medical condition.  We understand how important it is for people to…

  • Michael Malley Escapes Alcatraz

    Michael Malley Escapes Alcatraz

    Posted by Renee Malley from Bondi Area on 24-09-19

    Malleys Lawyers Principal Solicitor Michael Malley recently returned from his inspirational ocean swim trip to San Francisco.  Michael completed his goal of the two ocean swims alongside his friends from both the Bondi Icebergs Swimming Club and the…



    Posted by Deborah Tresise from Bayside News* on 16-09-19

    For most of us, long term relationships and marriage mean “for keeps”. This is particularly so when there are children involved. But not all relationships have that happy “happy ever after” ring. A relationship breakdown will often leave the parties…



    Posted by Nirwana Beauty & Spa from Bayside News* on 03-06-19

    Prepare your body & skin ready for winter with our relaxing pamper package : Winter Body & Face Package ❄️ - 60 min Seasonal Facial by Sothys. - 60 min Relaxing Full Body Balinese Massage. - Foot & Hand Paraffin Wax - Free Gift 2 Sothys Ampoules at the…

  • Daylight Saving Explained

    Daylight Saving Explained

    Posted by Greg Prior from Bondi Area on 16-05-19

    Bewildered by daylight saving? Don't worry, this hilarious video clip will explain it to you in detail, along with the joys of owning a Wolex Watch.  View this video and you will no longer be bewildered. Just totally baffled, like the dog.

  • Smiling - By Spike Milligan

    Smiling - By Spike Milligan

    Posted by Eastern Suburbs Life from Outside Eastern Suburbs on 16-05-19

    Thought for The Day by Spike Milligan

  • The Street is Your Gallery - Solo exhibition at THE SPACE gallery

    The Street is Your Gallery - Solo…

    Posted by Pascale from Outside Eastern Suburbs on 16-05-19

    Exploring the cracks, colours and movements of the urban landscape – from Sydney and Melbourne to the world SYDNEY: Abstract artist and photographer Ingrid Shakenovsky is staging her debut solo exhibition featuring scenes from Sydney, Melbourne and other…