Thanks to the spy, we have some general knowledge of air's movements from the Seven Years' War to the previous period. This situation lasted until last month, after which we lost contact with our spy for some time, until we suddenly received an urgent distress message from him a few days ago. West.. Replied Modo 。“ At this time, you and a group of your subordinates happen to help us complete the escape task, so you intend to take this opportunity to use us to help you complete this high-risk task!? Yu Lie, who hasn't spoken much all the time. Crimson suddenly spoke. That gave the hounds a fright. But I don't know why Yulie.. The pale face of the crimson, which was almost bleeding, gave people a sense of terror. 。“ Nope! You're wrong! West.. Modo glanced at Yu Lie. . Crimson and answered 。“ In fact, after I truthfully reported the distress signal and lost contact with it for nearly a month to the top of the organization, the organization came to the conclusion that it was a trap, so they refused to propose any rescue plan. So I had to design a rescue plan myself. Because as a spy,tin beneficiation plant, I have had the feeling of being abandoned as a pawn, and I know how helpless and bad that feeling is, especially when I think of the pendant full of sadness. We created him, and he had nothing to do with this bloody struggle. So! So I thought I had to get him out. No matter what the cost. You are a madman! Are you trying to say that you planned all this on your own? It has nothing to do with the letter bee? And I remind you that we had nothing to do with your so-called struggle,tin beneficiation plant, but you pulled us into it! Santis. Said Tyre, sitting darkly in the corner. Because the Hound had arranged for two people to watch him in advance, he did not hear West. Modo's words sometimes turn crazy. But that doesn't mean he'll pass up any opportunity to be sarcastic. It's all right now! No one knows we're here except this ***ing maniac and his ***ing crew! This also means that the so-called rescue of us all on their own, without any foreign aid! Santis. There was a strong tone of sarcasm and irony in Tyre's voice. "It sounds like a pinprick.". ! All right! Tell me about your plan! Now that we've managed to get in, what are we going to do!? Said the hound, with a look of disgust on his face. I don't think there's any need for further planning. The plague should already know we're coming. Right here in West.. When Modo is ready to answer the Hound's question, Yu Lie . Crimson stared straight out of the porthole and said. 。 Follow Yu Lie. Crimson eyes The people aboard the Black Shark were surprised to find that the fleet battle group on the Black Shark suddenly moved out of the way in front of them, and a crab-shaped mother ship was slowly approaching the Shark. Then I don't know what kind of method the plague used, the whole kinetic energy device on the "Black Shark" suddenly stopped, Portable gold trommel ,Carbon in Pulp, all the equipment lost power in an instant at the same time, no matter how the people on the "Black Shark" did, those machines, those equipment no longer had any response, as if all the energy was pulled away from the Black Shark in an instant. The Hound sat in the captain's seat with a worried face, ignoring the panic shown by the crew, and stared at the huge crab-like ship as the Black Shark opened its huge, dark mouth. Jing Ze was somewhat annoyed on the way to the bridge of the "Ning Feng". Half a minute ago, he was awakened by the battle alarm on the Ningfeng. This is the third day that the Dust and Wind Army has officially declared war on the Alliance. Three days ago, the Dust and Wind Army finally completed negotiations with the Empire. It can be said that if it wasn't for Shigeko. News of the Lannisters' death reached the highest levels of the Empire. Those who still had some strategic sense thought that this was the best time to take advantage of the great turbulence at the top of the cabinet to fight back, and that the dust and wind army had begun to attack the cabinet army from other fronts, and that the imperial ministers would not sign the covenant not to deprive the dust and wind army of all self-control rights.
Really, at this moment Jing Ze now began to doubt whether he had made the right decision to form an alliance with the Empire to launch an attack on the alliance. In fact, Jing Ze was opposed by many of his subordinates when he first proposed this idea to himself. However, Jing Ze insisted on his idea. Maybe I should have thought about that guy's suggestion that the Dust and Wind Army fight the Confederates on their own until it's time to negotiate with the Empire. Because in terms of the current domestic situation of the Empire, the current Dust and Wind Army can be said to be the strongest of the three parties in terms of combat effectiveness. So why don't we use the strongest military force to get the best political environment for us and then consider the negotiation? That kind of negotiation is more beneficial to us, which is how Straw analyzed the domestic situation at that time. Unfortunately, even Jing Ze himself did not know what was wrong with him. Obviously, he knew that the other side's statement was very reasonable at that time, but he still insisted on implementing his point of view without any change. Section 14 Da Ke La.. Lannister's counterattack "The reconnaissance plane sent back a report that the other fleet was disarming and changing its formation according to the instructions.". [> "Two minutes after Jing Ze gave the order, the telecom sergeant reported back.". Hearing the news, the atmosphere on the bridge of the "Ningfeng" ship, which had been extremely tense, suddenly relaxed. However, this return did not loosen Jing Ze's originally furrowed brows, on the contrary, his brows tightened even more. This isn't right! Jing Ze thought so at that time. So want to surrender without fighting! This is a very suspicious thing for the commander of the Dust Wind Army who has just been affected by the false surrender incident. Moreover, the other side formed an organic system to voluntarily surrender,mineral flotation, which was under the circumstances that the intelligence system of the Dust Wind Army had not done any incitement and surrender activities to the other side at all. This had to make Jing Ze suspicious, but even so, Jing Ze did not speak out his doubts and worries. So he did not lift the fleet's alert level. ore-magnetic-mining.com