The elder brother's love. Let the broken army be very warm in the heart. Even if it wasn't for the dark palace, he should have gone to visit. Otherwise, how can we live up to Yu Wuji's love for him. He has always been the character that people respect me and I respect others. Yu Wuji helped him so much that this trip could not be avoided. Broken army originally did not want to let Yu Wuji and others involved in this matter, unfortunately, now this result has been doomed at the moment they entered the star polar plane, no matter who can not change. Then what he has to do is to try to keep them out of danger and save his own life in this catastrophe. He left in a hurry this time. Even Jolson was left in the city of Darkness. But with Youya and others in charge, the God of conspiracy can't do anything earth-shaking. The power of the array is absolutely beyond their imagination, if someone dares to invade at this time. It will definitely pay an unimaginable price. The distance between the field of Soderley and Pluto is not generally far. Although the divine consciousness of the broken army is strong, it also takes a lot of trouble to reach this place. Soderick's star field is under the governance of the Star Emperor Yu Wuji. Although it has not reached the realm of peace in the four seas, it can be regarded as a paradise. The broken army did not rush to find Yu Wuji. He believed that when he arrived at this moment. The famous star emperor had already felt his breath. Maybe someone will come to lead the way after a while, why should he spend effort, take advantage of this opportunity, just to see how much development potential this star field has. He looked at the black planet not far ahead and felt that it was similar to the black planet in the small universe, so he decided to land on that planet. The Broken Army did not know that the place where he landed was called Dice Star,D BHB Factory, the main star in the Fallen Galaxy and the evil star in the Soderry Star Field. Yu Wuji knew that things must not go to extremes, so he did not exterminate all the evil forces. Galaxies around Dice. It is the last place of evil in Soderick. It is also the legendary fallen paradise. There are dragons and snakes here. No matter what status you have. Only with absolute strength can we have the right to speak. At present, the largest force in the fallen galaxy is the Dark Dragon God, whose leader is the Dragon Man. This is an organization formed by a group of people who believe in the real dragon. The strength of the leader dragon man is incomparably strong, but the only person who admires him is to drive himself to this fallen galaxy, the earth star,Glucono Delta Lactone, Huangyu Wuji. He is probably the only person in the fallen galaxy who worships the infinite. Therefore, all the people of the Dark Dragon God agree with the identity of the Yuwuji Star Emperor. No one knows that this dragon man is Yu Wuji after he was subdued. As the people who control the Fallen Galaxy. As a leader, Yu Wuji will never let anything happen beyond his control. It is his consistent principle to leave a way out no matter what he does. The Dragonman is his route to the Fallen Galaxy. Not only can he get the latest developments in the fallen galaxy through the Dragon Man and the Dark Dragon God, but he can also suppress the people who are restless in their bones through them. And in this galaxy, there are many well-informed people, with such a free information channel, it means to grasp all the opportunities, Yu Wuji naturally can not miss this point. As soon as the broken army appeared here, he found himself followed by several groups of people. He wandered around with indifference, and wherever his eyes fell, L Methylfolate Factory ,Quillaja Saponin, they were the weakest defensive links on the planet. The people behind him soon realized that something was wrong, and someone left, apparently reporting his abnormality to the people above. He smiled carelessly, randomly found a pub that looked more upscale, asked for a glass of wine and began to drink. There were not many people in the tavern, and it seemed that it was not the most lively time. People come here either to get drunk or to have fun, and the look on everyone's face is different, which is the main reason why he likes to come here. Observing all kinds of life and realizing all kinds of emotions like this makes the broken army feel that he has not yet broken away from the category of human beings, and also makes him feel intoxicated with life. Of course, the various messages passed in the pub are also the main reason why he came here. Not every tavern is a hub of news, but many I can know some of the secrets that are circulating in the street.
The reason why the broken army entered this tavern is actually very simple. Some of the people who come to the pub are happy, some are decadent, and some are drinking to drown their sorrows. Basically, people who are drinking have different emotions, and the forms they show are naturally completely different. But when he passed several taverns, he found that all the people inside looked very dignified. It doesn't matter if it's one family. It's five families in a row. There's something strange about it. So he chose this tavern, which looked more upscale. People who come to this tavern naturally have some status, and the information they get is naturally more accurate than others. But after waiting for a long time, no one spoke. Broken army is never willing to waste time on unnecessary things, if not because someone may come to him later, he would have said nothing, go to the street to find someone to perform a big search for the soul and know everything. The door of the tavern was gently pushed open, and a strong breath came to my face. The whole tavern became very quiet. All the people held their breath and looked at the tall figure that came in through the door. Soon, they were forced to bow their heads by the compelling breath, but they had no intention of drinking any more. It was the leader of the Dark Dragon God, the Dragon Man, whose eyes slowly swept over the crowd with their heads down, and finally fell on the leisurely and contented broken army. The majestic eyes of the Dragon Man could not influence the man sitting in front of the bar at all. He stepped forward thoughtfully and sat beside the broken army, beckoning the bartender to bring a glass of liquor. The dragon man's cultivation is absolutely top-notch in the fallen galaxy, but he can't see the depth of the people in front of him. He would never dare to act rashly before he knew the background of the man. Soderi has encountered too many things recently, and he must not let the burden on the Star Emperor increase. Broken army, of course, do not know the mind of the people, otherwise will appreciate the patting on the shoulder of the dragon. Right now,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, he puts down the goblet in the hand, turn one's head to say: "How, look for me to have a thing?" 。 pioneer-biotech.com