Brigitta Plosz

Yoga Instructor, Wellness Specialist
My name is Brigitta Plosz. I was born in Hungary. I always lived a healthy and active lifestyle. However, in 2013 I was involved in a motorbike accident as a pillion passenger and suffered from multiple traumas and injuries. As the result of the serious injuries I ended up in a wheelchair. I made a decision then I will get back on my feet or I do not intend to live within those conditions.

I underwent a few surgeries, it took me more than 3 years of rehabilitation to get back on my feet, I learnt how to walk again. During my many years of rehabilitation my only focus was on daily physiotherapy, nutritional supplementations, meditation, psychological therapy and personal development.

Due to not being able to work I had no job to return to and I felt lost. All I knew that I am willing to continue living a healthy and active lifestyle and keen to inspire others to do the same. I still have titanium in both of my femurs I noticed that prolong jumping or running give me pain so I found yoga. I knew that I found what I needed. I completed my 200 hours yoga teaching, 50 hours the Art of Assisting and Alignment and 50 hours yoga therapy courses at Body Mind Life in Surry Hills.

Through the practice and teaching of Vinyasa yoga and pranayama I am amazed every day about what the body is capable of doing in relation to ease the pain and improve the flexibility.