Family Dispute Management Services
Reconciliation, Separation and Divorce are one of the most intense & life changing occurrences in ones lifetime. The decisions made will affect you and your loved ones emotionally, financially & mental health wise for decades to come.

Family Businesses and inter-generational transitioning.
Alexander Paix’s objective is to assist you in this complex situation to resolve the issues & find the solutions to ensure you & your family obtain as optimal outcome as possible from an emotional, wellness, legal, financial, strategy & costs perspective.

About Our Services
Trying to Reconcile? Planning or going through a Separation and Divorce ? These are one of the most potentially intense, expensive & emotional times a person can go through in their lives. Whether a result of your decision or your spouse or partners decision these situations & how you deal with the process & the decisions you make, will be life changing (both positively and negatively). It is a maze of laws, processes & lawyers costs, you & your family’s world is almost certainly turned upside down emotionally, legally, financially & in virtually every other aspect when compared to your previous life.

We at Alexander Paix can provide you with a relatively affordable all aspects of the process support & guidance whether you may require emotional, mental well-being, legal, financial, logistical, relocation, banking, security and strategic guidance & support. To enable you make the right decisions during this process of immense change that if not handled right can last for years. To enable you to secure your financial interests, to assist you to enforce your legal rights, to minimize family lawyers costs & the level of stress & disruption to you and your family.

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