Meet Our Licensee And Buyer’s Agent
Experience & Personal Service

Our single objective is to listen to your brief: -

  • Come up with a strategy and execute accordingly.

  • We are available 24/7 during this process and provide expertise in buying property in Sydney.

On Your Side

  • 20 years + experience in Sales

  • Local knowledge of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and Lower North Shore and surrounding markets

  • Extensive knowledge of on-off-pre market properties

  • Excellent due diligence skills

  • Free consultation with no obligation

  • Tailored strategy to meet your end goals

  • Confidentiality assured

  • 24/7/365 availability

  • Fast and efficient service

House Hunters AU Our Services

No two clients, nor two properties are the same
and we do not treat them the same.

Whilst our clients and their needs are different, the process is really simple

The problem is the choices or the lack of choices
(SUPPLY AND DEMAND) in an ever-changing market and the many individual factors to consider. This can be overwhelming and that is why its great to have a buyer’s advocate on your side. After all, a seller has an advocate representing them and filtering buyers, the buyer should have an advocate filtering the properties, the agents, the locations and all the other criteria that comes with the process of buying.

Buyer’s are by nature emotive when it comes to buying property
. They want to get it right, the right property at the right price. Asking friends and family for advice isn’t always helpful as their differing opinions can cause stress, confusion and even erroneous advice. A buyer’s agent works for you and is that voice outside your head that tells you flatly what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. This is of course, based on the initial discovery meeting where you tell us what you want and we make sure we deliver on your wish list.

We, at House Hunters, are experienced property buyers
that focus on certain areas of Sydney where we have become specialists. It’s important to not only know what’s happening in the Australian market and the Sydney market, but it is even more important to have suburb and street knowledge because it does MATTER! There are nuances depending on proximity to parks, schools, transport, entertainment and many other factors. These factors are not disclosed to you by the selling agent and they affect purchase price and ultimately long-term value.

We genuinely love what we do
– and what is that? We love finding that amazing dream home or investment and we love making our clients happy.

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