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  • Geoff Miles - Conversations for Heart and Mind

    Geoff Miles - Conversations for Heart…

    Posted by Geoff Miles from Potts Point Area* on 03-07-20

    Counselling for Depression, Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Addiction and Life Coaching Key capabilities •  Engages clients with “Unconditional positive regard… Carl Rogers  •  Logical and encouraging conversations  •  Responsible listening and conversational…

  • Thriving Room Kinesiology

    Thriving Room Kinesiology

    Posted by Roz Hawkins from Bondi Area* on 25-05-20

    WHAT IS KINESIOLOGY? Kinesiology uses a blend of Western techniques and Eastern wisdom to balance all aspects of our health. Drawing on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chiropractic philosophies, Kinesiology uses acupressure and nervous system reflex…

  • Darlinghurst Dental

    Darlinghurst Dental

    Posted by Frank Farrelly from Bayside Area* on 23-05-20

    Darlinghurst Dental opened in August 2015 and is co-owned by Dr Frank Farrelly and Shannon Richards. The practice is located in the heart of busy Darlinghurst on Burton Street in between Oxford and Crown Streets. Easily accessible to those who live and…

  • Patient Advocates Australia

    Patient Advocates Australia

    Posted by Dorothy Kamaker from Eastern Suburbs Area on 05-02-20

    SUPPORT AND EXPERIENCE ON YOUR SIDE, AT YOUR SIDE Healthcare can be complex, exhausting, overwhelming and health or aged care can be time consuming, frustrating and a huge responsibility. Receiving reliable, plain English reports from doctors’…

  • Tarot Card Readings by Ruth Marks

    Tarot Card Readings by Ruth Marks

    Posted by Ruth Marks from Bondi Area* on 31-10-19

    Ruth Marks, has been reading Tarot Cards for the past 20 years. A path that Ruth believes she has been guided to after many life experiences. Ruth uses many different methods, such as Runes, Angel Cards & Crystals, but finds the Tarot deck to be the most…

  • Balance In Motion Bondi Beach

    Balance In Motion Bondi Beach

    Posted by Whitney from Bondi Area* on 06-10-19

    The Bondi Physio clinic is our heart and soul – our baby and where Balance in Motion all began. We all lived or still live in Bondi and we soon realised that there wasn’t a Physio close by that could help and treat all our close friends, relatives and…

  • Michelle Fuehrer - Change Facilitator

    Michelle Fuehrer - Change Facilitator

    Posted by Michelle Fuehrer from Bayside Area* on 30-09-19

    Michelle Fuehrer ~ Change Facilitator

  • Ropers Seaside Pharmacy

    Ropers Seaside Pharmacy

    Posted by John Roper from Bondi Area* on 30-09-19

    Local Community Chemist Friendly professional advice and customer service. Services available include:  Blood Pressure Monitoring Dose Administration Aids (e.g. Blister Packs) Home Delivery Services (Individuals in Community) Home Medicines Review…

  • Soul Flow Yoga Now in Bondi Junction

    Soul Flow Yoga Now in Bondi Junction

    Posted by Amanda Lacey from Bondi Area* on 19-09-19

    After months of anticipation, Soul Flow Yoga, based in Bondi Junction, will celebrate reopening its doors on 14 September 2019 at 1pm. The celebrations will include four complimentary 20-minute yoga classes of different varieties, including Naam - the…

  • Kathryn Shah - Intuitive Readings, Reiki and Meditation

    Kathryn Shah - Intuitive Readings, Reiki…

    Posted by Kathryn from Bondi Area* on 16-09-19

    I am available for private consultations, offering intuitive readings and healings, helping you to gain insights into different aspects of your lives, from a mental, emotional and spiritual perspective. I have been running courses for over 15 years,…

  • Cut Price Pharmacy Bondi Beach

    Cut Price Pharmacy Bondi Beach

    Posted by The Manager from Bondi Area* on 10-09-19

    Cut-Price Pharmacy employ a group of 15 well experienced pharmacists, together with their experience and knowledge we promise to provide our customers with the best service. With over 35 years of experience in managing and owning pharmacies all over…

  • Bondi Doctors

    Bondi Doctors

    Posted by Practice Manager from Bondi Area* on 09-09-19

    We welcome expressions of interest to join our team. Our growing practitioner team has a collaborative, and caring approach to achieving patient outcomes. We believe in building trusting relationships with patients to support their health and wellness…

  • Double Bay Ladies Exercise Courses

    Double Bay Ladies Exercise Courses

    Posted by Maja Makowiak from Bayside Area* on 30-07-19

    Double Bay Community Courses Ladies Exercise Courses At Sensible Prices $ $ Pilates Tai Chi And Stretching Relaxation Yoga Belly Dancing Ballroom And Social Dancing  Ballet Contempory Jazz Dancing And Fitness Boots Scooting Tums Bums And Thighs Yin Yoga…

  • Biodanza Karen Grados

    Biodanza Karen Grados

    Posted by Karen from Bondi Area* on 16-07-19

    The Dance of Life - Biodanza! “If music is the universal language, then dance is the ideal form capable of integrating body and soul.” What is Biodanza? Biodanza is a system based on organic dances that create patterns of movement generating life.…

  • David Ball - Kinesiology

    David Ball - Kinesiology

    Posted by David Ball from Eastern Suburbs Area on 02-06-19

    Offering Specialized Kinesiology, Touch For Health, Neural Organisation Technique (NOT). Also, Remedial and Sports massage including dry needling, trigger point therapy and myofascial release.

  • Coogee Yoga

    Coogee Yoga

    Posted by Coogee Yoga from Coogee on 13-05-19

    Coogee Yoga is an Iyengar yoga studio that opened in April 2017.  The studio is situated in the grounds of St Brigid's Parish, in Coogee.  It is a light-filled, warm and welcoming space, dedicated to the Iyengar method of yoga.  There is a strong focus on…

  • Randwick Physie

    Randwick Physie

    Posted by Eastern Suburbs Life from Randwick Area* on 08-05-19

    As a club, Randwick Physie aims to improve the health of girls and women by promoting physical, mental and community health and well-being.  Being part of Randwick Physie encourages a healthy relationship with exercise and increases confidence and…