Who Are We?
We are a program of St John’s Community Services, which is a registered charity. Since 1996, we have sought to share God’s love with the homeless and marginalised community in Darlinghurst, creating a space where different communities come together, have a meal and connect with each other.

We collaborate with a number of partner services to provide a more comprehensive solution for people experiencing homelessness and marginalisation.

These services are all operated by St John’s Community Services:

Rough Edges Cafe community drop-in centre

Banksia Women supporting women who have experienced domestic and family violence

Community Assistance Partnership Program (CAPP), helping people move from emergency to sustainability

Legal Service in partnership with a solicitor who operates a pro bono practice

Urban Insight social justice education program

We also partner with St John’s Anglican Church from whom our service was birthed. St John’s Anglican Church are so generous in providing us space in their facility to operate and their Rector sits as chair of our board.

Why We Exist!
We are inspired by Jesus to believe that everyone is valued and worthy of care.

Our Values
we believe people are the experts of their own lives and are capable of creating their own solutions
we believe in the healing power of belonging and inclusion for everyone in the Rough Edges community
it is essential that those who come through our doors feel safe and welcome inside Rough Edges
we want people to feel they are valued and respected, and demonstrate this in the high level of care we provide

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120 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst NSW 2010