How do we give our future change-makers and leaders the skills and insights to take up these roles?

Forward thinking charity Kids Giving Back has totally turned around the volunteering landscape, connecting kids to community and enabling youth and family volunteering opportunities where few previously existed. Kids Giving Back offers hands-on, age appropriate, meaningful volunteering opportunities for young people ages 6-18, enabling them to make a difference to those in need, as well as to themselves.

Engaging in cooking programs making meals for members of the homeless community and refugees, sorting clothes for those who need them most, and interacting with the lonely elderly to break their isolation are some of the many connections enabled by Kids Giving Back.

We are living in challenging times, with youth mental health issues growing steadily. In making a difference to others, kids and teens are at the same time making a difference to themselves. Through volunteering young people develop inner strength, empathy and an understanding of their role as change-makers and future leaders. Volunteering encourages them to dig deep and discover their inner resources.

Families can sign up for our Cook4Dignity programs, run monthly on Saturdays; and Cook4Good, monthly on Sundays

Families and schools, find out more [email protected]

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