Simon Tasievski

I'm an active property investor & set for myself what an average person considers "impossible goals." My personal investment property portfolio is healthy returning in excess of 9% yields.
I achieved this through my strong relationships with selling agents and knowledge of the real estate industry.

As a Licenced Buyers' Agent I act exclusively for people seeking to buy property within the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Covering every aspect of the process from finding the perfect property, to negotiating an exceptional price. I ensure that finding the right property for my clients is an easy, rewarding experience.

As an exclusive buyers broker, I do not sell property. I provide independent information; expert advice and detailed knowledge to give you absolute confidence in your purchase.

I gain access to all available properties including pre & off-market listings not listed on the internet or any real estate forum. My relationships with the selling agents is due to constant, repeat business.

• I inspect, source and vet property’s so my clients would only attend opportunities that most closely match their brief saving them time and money

• My strong relationships with every single selling agent in the East ensures they’re aware of everything that is available (eg off/pre-market stock not found anywhere on the internet)

• We boast an average turnaround time from 2-12 weeks

Isn't your time too precious to waste being disappointed in hours wasted at auctions and open homes that don't even meet your criteria? Allow me to support you throughout your buying journey. If you are currently searching for property, contact me to find out how I can help you get into your dream home sooner, get you started with investments, or to build on your existing portfolio.

Contact 0403 625 566
[email protected]