We are a waterfront construction, repairs and maintenance team dedicated to harbour and waterway properties. We have a combined 40 years of experience. Our activities include complete construction of sea walls, jetties, decking, pontoons, piles, sea stairs and sea pools. We also perform the following: maintenance for example – demolition, slipways, anti fowling, high pressure water blasting, concreting and stone block works. Remedial works for example – excavation and sealing of failed seawalls, rubbish removal, landscaping and tree loping.

We are specialists in difficult to access and problem jobs. We will work with marine experienced and approved engineers. We know every part of Sydney Harbour and associated waterways. We quote for free and are friendly and honest. We are fully insured. We offer a conditional warranty. Please inspect our photo library of jobs we have recently completed. We are mid-range priced, however, our workmanship is high-range.

Sydney Waterfront Property Repairs, Maintenance & Construction


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