We are three young guys with different skills that combined build a strong team that believes and do our best to prove it is possible to deliver a top experience by providing a mix of professionalism and a laid-back atmosphere.

Giuliano (CEO)  is a bike lover since his eleven's. What began as a simple hobby riding around his neighbourhood turned into something else when he was introduced to downhill at the age of 13. He fell in love with this kind of sport immediately and in a short period of time, he was also practicing different styles such as PUMP TRACK, DIRT JUMP, and FREE RIDE always servicing his own bike. Despite being what he liked the most, He couldn't manage to keep it up when he got into university. During his time at university, he had been working as a treasurer for global corporations where he learned a lot in terms of finances and business in general. However, he wasn't truly happy with this life. So he moved to Australia where He could get back to his passion and worked for a few years as a bike mechanic before launching Bondi Bike Shop.

Yuri (Mechanic Director) began his journey as a bicycle mechanic at the age of 15 when he found a job at a bike shop back home in order to raise some money to finance his studies. He was hired to be a salesperson but in a short time, he proved his worth and was given the opportunity to be a mechanic assistant. Performing above average, he quickly became a mechanic. A position that he occupied for 3 years. After graduating in Electrical Engineering, he added a precious touch to his skills as a bicycle mechanic. For that reason, he is our E-Bike specialist. He moved to Australia to improve his English skills and ended up meeting Giuliano who saw an immense potential and gave him a chance to work at his prior bike shop where they had been working together for the last two years.

Diego (Marketing Director), unlike the other partners, he never had much to do with bikes. Although he used to use his as a means of transport before having his driver's license. However, He has a big connection with sports. He used to practice Muay Thai, Football and skateboarding which makes him a person who fights for a healthy lifestyle for everyone. Besides that, He grew up surrounded by retailers in his family. Both, his father and grandmother had dozens of shops during their lives. Since he was a kid, he used to help his father at the family business where he learned several tricks that are not taught even in the best college. Even though, He got into the university to study Business Administration. During this time he was a Giuliano's classmate and collected a vast knowledge about business and marketing helping to promote and manage his father's business. He definitely adds lots of value to the team. 

Our main goal is to be able to offer a high-quality service to our customers from beginners to experts, becoming a reference of quality, transparency and customer service in the bicycle marketplace. The only way to achieve this is to work hard, step by step, strengthening our base to scale when we are ready.


Shop 2/120 Bondi Rd, Bondi NSW 2026


  • Key Words: Our main goal is to be able to offer a great service to our customers, becoming a reference of quality, transparency and customer service in the bicycle marketplace.
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