Buyers agent and investment property strategists. We find great investment deals for buyers. We research the property market for positive cashflow outcomes and building a strong property investment portfolio. 

We recommend trying our real estate cashflow calculator. We also offer property investing coaching. Our buyers advocate service operates in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and around NSW and Queensland.

Property Investing is a passion that has become a big part of our own and family lives. The best part of property investing is the extra time we can spend with the people we love.
We, Mark & Luke, the owners of Search Party Property, started our property buyers agency because we both:
1. Have a passion for property.
2. A strong drive to make property investing accessible to more people.
3. Saw this as an opportunity to leverage the experience and knowledge we have gained.
4. Like to take action and encourage others to take action.

We also get on very well and it felt like a very natural progression from where we were.

We keep our business and our focus very clear and simple. We buy investment properties. That’s it. We don’t offer finance, we don’t offer legal services, we don’t offer insurance. Those services are extremely important, but it’s not our game. Our game is to buy the best investment property for you and your current and future situation.

We don’t limit the investment properties we find to a select audience. As soon as a property comes to us, and we think it would be a good investment, we put it out there to potential investors - via social media and email.

We are pretty simple guys. We don’t buy into fanfare or any rigamarole, and that is how we have set up our business the way we have. Doing one thing, and doing it very well.

As experienced buyers agents, we have widespread knowledge of our market, and other markets. We also have a great team around us. What we mean by team, is the people we can tap into for advice and support, and vice versa.

Whether it’s customers or suppliers, we work for mutual benefit. From our perspective, everyone wins or no one wins.


PO Box 3043, Wareemba, NSW, 2046

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