In 7 seconds we know whether we like the person we've just met - or not. In 60 seconds we know whether we like the property we've just walked into - or not.

The rule when selling real estate is that "You only get one opportunity to make a first impression." 

The key is to make buyers feel good in your home and fall in love with the lifestyle your home can offer. The more buyers can see themselves living in your home, the quicker you can sell it, and the higher price. 

So here are 7 proven tips to help you do just that:- 

  1. Have professional cleaners clean your home from top to bottom including lights, windows, doors and ceiling fans.

  2. Identify a list of things in need of repair and mend them. Make sure all lights are working.

  3. Remove clutter in each room, veranda and the garden. This makes your home look bigger and more safe.

  4. Remove any unhealthy indoor/outdoor plants. Get some new plants.

  5. Patch and paint the walls in a neutral colour. Your cracked and dirty walls will turn buyers away.

  6. Use bed linen in a neutral colour so the room looks more spacious and relaxing.

  7. Remove any paintings/art works/decorations/personal objects/furniture that may not appeal to a broad group of people. They may make buyers feeling uncomfortable.

Please feel free to give me a call if you would like to know more about preparing your property for sale.

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