Most opal miners you talk to will go on about how much they love the huge amount of freedom we all enjoy out here on the opal fields in Outback Australia; and that’s true. We spend most of our lives in the great Australian bush, far out in the “outback”; and after a while, the peace and quiet, the wildlife, Mother Nature Herself and the camaraderie of our fellow miners makes us realise that we have the best of all worlds; and who in his or her right mind would we want to live anywhere else?

But probably the major reason why most of us opal miners persevere through thick and thin in our pursuit of the elusive opal, is simply that we are enthralled by the majestic beauty of the gem itself. As our slogan says: “Digging the Gems of Infinite Beauty”… and that in a nutshell is why most of us are opal miners. 
We are what is known as “Opalholics”: and this word accurately conveys our feelings about what Shakespeare called “The Queen of Gems”… and most of us miners are unabashedly addicted to the unparalleled beauty and indescribable loveliness of gem opals. “Infinite Beauty” indeed!

So we continue to mine; in the everlasting hope that when (or most likely, if) we find precious opal, we know it will possess vistas of beauty such as we’ve never seen before…

Check out Laurie Hudson’s poem “BLACK OPAL” …

“Though you’ve roamed the whole world over,
And seen most all there is to see,
You’ll find scenes you’ve never dreamed of,
In this stone of Mystery”

Such is opal mining: and we love it!

My personal journey in opals began some 40 years ago; after an unsuccessful stint mining for sapphires on the Central Queensland sapphire fields. I was driving back to visit friends & relatives in SA and I stopped at an opal shop in Quilpie in Western Queensland to have a look at their gems. They had recently found some opalised palm trees which they’d cut and polished; and right there and then I fell in love with the wondrous beauty of opal. As much as I loved all kinds of gems & rocks, I had never before seen such uniquely scintillating beauty in any stone; and from that day on, I became an unabashed and totally addicted Opalholic.

So…….enjoy looking at our beautiful gems and jewellery; and we hope that sometime in the future you can visit us at our mine in Lightning Ridge and maybe work with us for a while (FREE LABOUR!) and discover for yourself just how elusive our precious precious gem opals are.

If you are a collector, investor, or maybe just a hopelessly-addicted opalholic; talk to us about adding more exquisitely  beautiful opals to your collection.  We challenge you to find a better opal price anywhere.

Senior Opalholic,

Roy.  [email protected]


Lightning Ridge

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