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Dr Steven and Dr Jon have over 75 years experience. They use their extensive experience and modern medicine to treat your pets. Low consult and vaccine fees.


Just like your local GP doctor we can treat your pet accordingly using our knowledge and latest tests and medications. Any emergencies or severely sick pets please go directly to one of the referral centres.


We offer all vaccines that you pet would need. At the time of vaccine we do a full clinical examination. We can discuss any concerns you may have and point out conditions to be aware of.

  • Dogs -C5 Distemper, Parvovirus, Hepatitis and Kennel cough

  • Dogs – Leptospirosis

  • Heartworm injection for dogs

  • Puppy- A C5 vaccine is available which means your new puppy receives their second C5 vaccine at 10 weeks and can go out to socialise 1 week later

  • Cats -F3 Herpes virus, Calici virus and Panleucopaenia virus

Routine Surgery/Dental

We have a dedicated Surgery for desexings/ lumps and other surgeries. Should your pet need a dental we offer that service as well.

We use the latest medications/ equipment to ensure your pet has a safe anaesthesia. During the operation they are monitored by another vet or nurse as well as equipment that monitors breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels. They are kept warm before, during and post operation. If we need to use a drip we have drip pumps that warm the fluid to body temperature. We ensure they go home pain-free by using opioid and pain meds.

Home Visits

We will do our best to accommodate your time requested, but we cannot do home visits during consult hours.


When requested we will send your pets history to your insurance company to settle the claim.


We use an outsourced lab to obtain accurate results for your pet.


We can transport your pet to our associated clinic in Woollahra to take radiographs.


Your pet will need you to make that decision for them. It is a very emotional and traumatic event for you but often is a relief for your pet. We can try and guide you on when the time is right to be considering euthanasia.
Patch and Purr’s website has good information for you when you are considering euthanasia.

Honest practical care

we have treated thousands of pets and use our experience and modern medicine to treat practically.
We use our judgement to refer when needed. See what some of our clients say about us

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