Private computer teacher 

  • Are you struggling learning new technologies 

  • Do you find yourself wasting time trying to work out how to use new technologies?

  • Is technology not intuitive for you?

  • Have you got a website with no idea how to use it?

  • Do you need a website or want to re-brand the one you have?

  • Are you unsure which social media site to use and have not time to set it up?

  • Are your computer files all over the place, you don’t run back ups and say no to updates?

  • Are you frustrated losing passwords, emailing trips you up and feel totally overwhelmed it all?

  • Are you tripped up by the basics of Microsoft Office, Apple software or new technologies?

  • Or do you lack the confidence to find the right people to ask for help?

A computer coach provides:-

One-on-one & face-to-face training

Ongoing support

Home or office training

Remote & online training

Qualified computer teachers

Training for beginners to advanced

Training at your level of understanding

Learning plan based on your needs

Fills in learning gaps
For all types of computers & phones

What you will get

Learn to use your technology efficiently saving time and money

Professional ongoing support

Empowered, motivated and confident

‘learn how to learn’ and ‘keep up-to-date with ever evolving technologies’

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