Barbarella Productions is hosting a Barbarella LOVE Party on October 18 to support the local community to connect over a night of Barbarella-themed fun. As a mental health awareness advocate, Barbarella’s goal is to also raise awareness and funds to support One Wave is All it Takes to deliver Free The Funk School Experiences (mental health programs) around Australia.

Arielle Nakache - Barbarella Productions’ Queen of BLING - has suffered depression since her early 20’s and has lost close friends and family members to suicide. Now a mother of twin 6 year-olds, Arielle is determined to see them grow up with good insight on how to maintain good mental health. Arielle believes that schools can play a big role in this education.

“I didn’t have any major problems in my childhood or adolescence - I was an extroverted, high-achieving student who enjoyed a loving, close family. So when I started going down the rabbit-hole of depression I had no idea what was happening, as I’d never had any conversations about mental health until that point. It was a very confusing, scary and lonely experience. Now that I’m well and have the tools to keep my mental health in check, I want to ensure that my kids feel safe to speak as openly about mental health issues as they would about physical health or other issues that they need support with.”

Every Friday morning at the crack of dawn, Arielle gets into her fluoro gear to join One Wave’s Fluoro Friday tribe for the share circle at South Bondi. Sometimes her boys accompany her, playing in the sand while people in the circle share on “freeing the funk”, self-compassion, the Black Dog and how being fluoro - making the invisible, visible - helps get conversations started around mental health. Arielle will then sometimes have a fluoro surf before school drop off or join some of the non-surfers for some yoga on the beach or coffee and chat.

With the combined efforts of the global One Wave community - with over 100 Fluoro circles happening weekly around the world-  salt water therapy is now prescribed by physicians in the U.K. One Wave’s impactful school programs are slowly being rolled out by One Wave’s founders, but a lot more funding is required to get their programs into every school in Australia. Anyone coming to enjoy a fun night with Barbarella on October 18 will be supporting this purpose!

Barbarella LOVE PARTY tickets are on sale via EventBrite

For more information or to arrange an interview contact:
Arielle Nakache
E: [email protected]
M: 0414 769 958

U3 30 Warners Ave


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