Fast fashion is still the worlds largest polluter shortly after the oil industry, causing mass devastation to our planet and people involved, with many local communities affected, the pain is endless.

The history and hands that are behind every item of clothing are to be respected, taken care of and cherished. To mend rather than discard and to protect rather than trash.

When clothing is made properly, it lasts longer and is a little more expensive.

Learning to treat our clothing as an investment rather than disposable will be a major key in turning this issue around. 

Our mission is to create beauty from ashes, healing the planet and people through fashion recreation.

Creating hand tailored luxury pieces made from pre-existing clothing, vintage creations, fabric offcuts and scrap remnants.

We want to help combat fast fashion by restoring the art of real fashion, back to the days of our true couturiers.

Living art worn everyday, you can take home your very own piece of modern history.

One of the best ways to help combat this global issue today, is to simply re-wear, re-style or

re-create clothing you already have in your own wardrobe.

If you’d like to buy something to wear that no one has seen before, vintage recreation is one of the best and most affordable ways.

Sydney Australia