What if You were wrong about the real cause of your business team’s lack of productivity?

Many small business owners are concerned about their team’s shaky performance and believe they hired the wrong people or the position they offer is unappreciated since they provided an excellent opportunity with good pay. 

This causes a huge frustration on both sides! The truth is the weak performance of the team comes from the leaders lack of influence.
High expectation needs to match with the leaders ability to empower their employees so they can build on their strength by feeling appreciated and acknowledged for their work. 

This is the real cause of unsatisfied results: a unhealthy unbalance between give and take !

Have you ever truly considered what is important to the team and the staff members ? Do they really like you?

Of course you also know their attitude becomes a vital part of your business brand, personal brand & reputation as well which flows to every customer & prospect.

On September 7th  Business transcendent leadership trainer Robert Kirby is running a FREE EVENT in the area of business influence &  balance with team and management framework.

You won’ t only learn how to create a highly committed business environment with strong alignments to business vision and goals, Robert Kirby will also teach you how to hire the right people for management and senior positions.

In other words learn to connect & influence the team from your personal ability of authentic communication style and grounded presence.


The Sydney Boulevard Hotel, LEVEL 2. 90 William St, Sydney NSW 2011, Australia


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