The Importance of Networking for Working Mothers

OMG. Welcome to the world of juggling! We working mums are constantly negotiating a whole bunch of balls in the air – the mum ball, the corporate ball, the housewife ball and maybe even the ‘me time’ ball. We are forever fearing failure in each of the facets of our lives, simply because there are not enough hours in the day to perform at 100% capacity in any one area. 

When we are focused on work, we stress about not being present for our children. Being mum, we worry that we are falling short in the workplace. And then there is the pile of washing we haven’t got around to doing and the messy kitchen!

Networking has a number of benefits to working women and here are just a few I am highlighting;

* Learn from the experiences of other mums
However, the good news is that we are not alone. Talking to others in the same crazy rat race absolutely helps. That is the first thumbs-up for utilising the art of networking. Conversations with other like-minded women will give you the confidence to battle on just as they do. Their stories are your stories. Perhaps they are a step further in the process and can help you to avoid some pitfalls. We can learn from others simply by putting ourselves out there and doing the networking.

* Make use of social media to expand your network and raise your profile
The common thread we working mums face is eternal fatigue. Just getting through the day after fulfilling everyone’s expectations of you leaves you battered, bruised and exhausted. The last thing you want to face at the end of a long day is to be thinking about work. However, one thing we women of the 21st century are always up for is social media. By this time of the evening the children are hopefully down for the count and we are curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea (or a glass of wine) with something inane flashing on the TV screen in front of us. That’s when we can pull out our smart phones and start the networking process. Remember – we are females and multi tasking comes naturally. We can take sips, keep half an eye on the TV and scroll all at the same time!

You can build a reputation for yourself as a trustworthy person who is supportive, reliable and knowledgeable by offering tips and useful information to those who need it on social media groups. When you have earned enough respect out there, you will get referrals much more easily and your profile will build organically.

*Networking increases our referral opportunities
Having a larger network whether it’s on social media or via the school, local ballet class or soccer club can help you reach more clients, expand your knowledge, and hopefully help you to attain business growth and profitability. It is normal practice and even an important pathway for business growth when people share their successes and failures with others.  Networking can cut corners, enabling the busy woman to proceed down the right track from the outset.
Networking affords you the opportunity to meet people who are like-minded. Through networking these people can give you advice on various matters that should help in improving your business.
In short, networking is the best way to get advice and gain expertise on things that you cannot easily get from reading a book or by pounding the pavement on your own.

*  Networking builds friendships with the people you reach out to for support, helping you to stay mentally strong
Friendships with other women provide the strength needed to keep oneself mentally healthy, particularly at low points in one’s life. However, networking goes beyond being an antidote for feeling alone. Social networks may potentially open doors you never even knew existed. With conversations come opportunities. Before you know it, your circle of networkers could indeed pave the way for a saloon passage to success.

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