As a Sellers Advocate, we still engage the traditional services of a real estate agent for marketing, open homes and buyer management, but we take away all the hard work and stress for the seller and it doesn’t cost you a cent extra.

Stage 1 – Planning & Preparation :
*We analyse the potential to increase the property’s value through affordable upgrades.
*We provide advice on how to display the home to appeal to the most buyers.
*We can obtain quotes and engage a property stylist to maximise presentation.
*We provide research & data collection to establish a true market estimate for the property.

Stage 2 – Choosing an agent :
*We research, select and interview 3 of the top agents in your area, then advise on which one is right for you.
*We review and amend the agency agreement where required to tip it in your favour.
*We negotiate the best sales commission for you.
*We assess how much and where you should be spending your marketing dollars.
*We advise best method of sale based on market conditions, type of property and location.
*We agree on a pricing strategy to ensure the maximum buyers and highest price possible.

Step 3 – The Sale Process :
*We proactively Manage the Agent – This includes ensuring the agent remembers who they are working for!
*We advise which offers to knock back and when to negotiate.
*We ensure all offers are genuine and qualified before submitting them to you.
*We know when to call the purchaser’s bluff in regard to their so called ‘highest offer’.
*We keep the agent focused and accountable for achieving results.
*We ensure you achieve the highest price possible without the stress.
And the best part about this service? It doesn’t cost you a cent more than the agent’s fee.


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