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Need more live music in your life? Now you can learn to create it yourself with the help of Gulia Bayjanova?

Whether you've always wanted to play an instrument, perform your favourite song, or just need a new way to keep your mind active, studying music is the perfect way to enrich your life with a new skill.

Gulia Bayjanova brings decades of experience as a performer to the music classroom and is now available to teach violin and piano in Sydney's eastern suburbs and CBD.

As a Sydney Contemporary Orchestra and Metropolitan Orchestra musician she is passionate about sharing her love of music with students of any age or experience level. That unwavering enthusiasm underpins the professional skills she shares through teaching.

So take your own love of contemporary, pop and classical musical styles to the next level with a teacher who's passionate about helping people achieve their creative goals.

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Q. What do you enjoy most about teaching?
A. Bringing music to people of any age and watching how their music skills are growing and how they play together, learn new pieces, achieve goals and make dreams come true!

Q. What are the benefits of learning to play a musical instrument?
A. Brain and emotional intelligence development, aesthetic and cultural benefits

Q. What do new students worry most about and what do you say to reassure them?
A. As usual it’s mostly about Practice time and achievements. If they can’t do homework, I am always happy to help them practice the class with me; so there are no any problems we can’t fix as a team (teacher friend and student).

Paradoxically, in the Internet era everything is hard and easy at the same time. We have access to more information but don’t have more time to learn and consume it. But there’s always fun way to fix the problem and move forward.

Q. Where do you conduct your classes? In your home, a studio or your clients' homes?
A. In a Studio

Q. Which areas of Sydney will you travel to teach in? Just the eastern suburbs?
A. Yes and in CBD

Q. How long have you been performing professionally?
A. Since I was 12 years of age.

Q. What styles of music do you teach?
A. Classic, Contemporary and Pop

Q. Are you still performing with the Sydney Contemporary Orchestra, the Metropolitan Orchestra, and RHSSO - (Ryde Hunter Hills Sydney Orchestra)
A. Yes. But because of COVID-19 there no public concerts happening at present. However, I am still able to perform as a freelancer and can play anywhere that suits my schedule.

Gulia Bayjanova Brief Bio

I have played violin since age six and piano since age 7. As the story goes, I saw a violin performance on TV and asked my mum if I could take lessons.

We already had a piano at home that my siblings learned to play on, but clearly remember being over-excited in the music shop when finally my first violin.

Education - Blink, and after 11 years of studying in the preeminent music school followed by 4 years of Conservatorium bachelor’s degrees as an Instrumentalist and music theory teacher my professional music journey begun.

Experience - I have been playing in ensemble of violinists, bands, rock groups, chamber groups and orchestras Overseas and in Sydney

Work - Currently, I teach play kids and adults of any age, religion, race and belief to violin and piano at Eastern suburbs piano tuition ESPT and across the Eastern Suburbs of NSW.

Affiliations - School Scholarship ensemble of violinists, Honoured Music bachelor’s degree Azerbaijan republic Conservatory, Soloist chamber music group

Comment - I’m for ever grateful for the time I spent learning violin and piano. Some of the amazing experiences as a young and grown up person came from playing music and meeting other people from around the world who loved it as much as I do.

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