Our Rangers, Beach Ambassadors and Lifeguards have been monitoring our public open spaces across the long weekend. Whilst our beaches and our parks have been busy, most people have been doing the right thing and following the Public Health Orders.

The Mayor of Waverley, Paula Masselos would like to thank our residents and visitors for staying one towel-length apart this weekend, as well as limiting group sizes to under 20 people.

“I’m really pleased that despite how busy our spaces were, everyone was enjoying the sunshine whilst being COVID-safe,” said Mayor Masselos.

“This long weekend has really been a tester for this summer, as we adjust to our new normal of managing numbers, watching social distancing and group sizes.

“We did nearly reach capacity at Bondi Beach today (Monday 5 October), but thankfully people got our message of coming back another time. At no point did we need to restrict access to the sand.

“It was fantastic to see that people are being respectful of our new Beach Ambassadors, our Rangers and our Lifeguards as they work to help keep us safe. The atmosphere on the sand has been wonderful, with people enjoying themselves and spreading out.

“Our Beach Ambassadors have been getting some great feedback. We’re thankful of the hard work they put into making this weekend a success.

“I would like to remind people that our parks and beaches are alcohol-free zones. I have heard reports of quite a few people drinking at Biddigal Reserve and Bronte Park. Please leave your alcohol at home. Our Rangers are monitoring our parks and will ask people to get rid of any alcohol they see,” said Mayor Masselos.

“Overall, it’s been a great start to the summer period. Let’s keep it up and stay safe by keeping a towel-length apart from others this summer.”