Sydney, 2020: Sydney Yoga Collective is uploading free kids’ yoga classes to their website with new content every week to relieve stress amid the Coronavirus crisis.

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In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, it isn’t just adults experiencing stress and anxiety.

Educators have warned in various news outlets that children can pick up on these feelings from family members, thus experiencing them themselves. It’s also possible a lack of understanding, or the impacts of being isolated at the home, could cause stress.

Sydney Yoga Collective (SYC) founder and yogi expert Casey Castro is a mother-of-four that, previous to the Coronavirus outbreak, taught yoga to students in local Sydney schools. Her combination of personal and professional experiences is what led her to the decision to upload kids’ yoga classes free of charge.

“This is a really overwhelming and stressful time, and not just for adults but for kids too. Just being stuck inside the house without contact from peers can instil anxiety in little ones. Parents need to introduce activities that kids can do in the home that will channel their stress and excess energy into something productive and calming,” Casey said.

“I’ve seen first-hand how immensely children can benefit from connecting with their bodies. We teach children meditation through simple breathing exercises, which helps to ground them and let them feel in control of their situation. At times like these it’s so important to let children reconnect and do that through simple movements.”

New content is uploaded weekly to ensure kids don’t get bored with the same routines. Some of the classes are also taught by other kids, fostering a further sense of connection with peers that can’t always be created when taught by adults.

Casey said: “I know many parents are looking for tips and ways to keep their children active at home, and as both a mum and a yogi I cannot recommend yoga highly enough. Plus, if you’re trying to work from home it’s a great way of keeping them occupied with something productive."


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