Randwick City Council closed all beaches, including Clovelly, Coogee and Maroubra, at 1pm this afternoon after people failed to use beaches for exercise only.

Coogee, Clovelly and Maroubra beaches will be re-opened on Saturday 25 April and Sunday 26 April 2020 from 6am to 9am only. They will be available for exercise only. Council will reassess the situation on Monday 27 April.

All other unpatrolled beaches in Randwick City will remain closed until further notice. These beaches include Gordon’s Bay, Malabar beach, Little Bay beach, Frenchmans beach, Yarra Bay and Congwong beach.

Ocean rock pools in Randwick City will remain closed until further notice as they are subject to a public health order to close.

Randwick City beaches were opened for exercise only on Monday 20 April 2020. Fencing with entry and exit points were installed to help control numbers on the sand.

Signs have been placed on beaches and in beachside parks and reserves, reminding people that the spaces are to be used for exercise only and that social distancing actions need to be observed.

Rangers and Council staff in blue Spread Kindness Not Germs shirts have been patrolling these areas, reminding people to maintain best social distancing practices.


Starting Friday 24 April 2020, numbers on all Randwick City beaches, including Clovelly, Coogee and Maroubra, will be closely monitored and the beaches closed if social distancing on the sand and in the water becomes difficult, Randwick Mayor Danny Said announced today.

These measures will continue throughout the Anzac Day weekend until Sunday evening 26 April 2020. Beaches will not be re-opened unless Lifeguards assess the situation to be safe.

“While we’re expecting warm weather conditions this weekend, people should not be planning a day at the beach,” stated Mayor Said. “The stay at home public health orders remain in place, which require people to not leave their homes unless it is for essential reasons. This means people should not be hopping in their cars to travel to our beaches.

“If residents head to the beach, it should be to go for a quick swim, surf or soft sand run, then home again. Get fit and go, as we like to say. Our beaches are not open for leisure, they are available for exercise only. Once that has been complete, people must move on immediately.”

New fencing with clearly signed entry and exit points have been established at beaches, and staff will be located at these points to count and control the number of people on each beach.

“I want to publicly acknowledge and thank our Lifeguards, Rangers and staff who are helping to monitor our beaches this weekend. It certainly wasn’t in their job description, to count heads on a beach during a global pandemic, but they’ve stepped up and shown their commitment to our residents.

“When you see one of them, either in hi vis or in the blue Lifeguard or Spread Kindness shirts, be sure to give them a wave. They don’t always get the thanks they deserve for the patience and dedication they show, so I hope people take a moment to show their appreciation this weekend.”