All Randwick Council beaches, including Clovelly, Coogee and Maroubra, will be made available for exercise purposes from Tuesday 28 April 2020, Randwick Mayor Danny Said announced today.

The time restrictions imposed over the Anzac Day weekend have been lifted and Lifeguards will be on duty from 7am to 5pm to help ensure that numbers on the beach allow social distancing guidelines to be followed.

“On Friday 24 April we made the decision to close all of our beaches after it was clear that people were not using them to exercise then leave the area.

“The direction we have been given by state and federal governments is that it is important for people to have access to space in which they can exercise,” stated Mayor Said. “For people who swim and surf regularly the ocean is the only place they can do this, so we granted access to our beaches for this purpose only – to exercise.

“Unfortunately, last week, many people came to the beach for purposes other than exercise, resulting in large crowds that made social distancing incredibly difficult. As a result we closed our smaller beaches and only provided access to our three largest beaches – Coogee, Clovelly and Maroubra –between 6am and 9am over the Anzac Day weekend.

“The public health order to stay home remains in place, and we encourage to people to continue to follow this order. If you need to leave home for an essential purpose such as exercise, then please exercise close to home. If that exercise is to surf, soft sand run or swim laps in the ocean, there is the option to use one of our beaches for this purpose and this purpose only. Once completed, we urge you to leave the beach in order to prevent crowds.”

Lifeguards, Rangers and other Council staff will continue to monitor numbers on the sand and in the water and will restrict access or temporarily close beaches if crowd numbers exceed safe limits.

“Our message could not be simpler – Randwick City beaches are to be used for exercise only. Not for leisure or to enjoy a paddle or a lovely ocean view, but for swimming, surfing or soft sand running,” stated Mayor Said.

Fencing to help control numbers on the beach, designated entry and exit points and signs reminding people to exercise then leave the beach all remain in place.

Ocean rock pools in Randwick City will remain closed until further notice as they are subject to a public health order.