Eastern Beaches Police Local Area Command and Randwick City Council are reminding people that illegal parties on beaches, bush areas and in national parks will not be tolerated.

Randwick Council, National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and NSW Police will be undertaking pro-active patrols and attendees will face penalties or court attendance notices for breaches.

Eastern Beaches Police Area Commander, Superintendent Rohan Cramsie, said unauthorised events are a major public safety issue.

“There are no controls or protocols in place and no security on site to intervene in the event of an emergency. Also, there is no monitoring of current COVID requirements,” Supt Cramsie said.

“The local community is being impacted by noise, rubbish and intoxicated people right through to the morning and just this month police have issued penalty notices to four organisers following illegal parties at Malabar.

“Police are more than happy to work with and support event organisers to hold well organised dance parties in the Eastern Beaches area, but unauthorised events are anything but safe.

“Police will continue to work closely with officers from Randwick City Council and the National Parks and Wildlife Services to target these events and prosecute offenders accordingly.” Superintendent Cramsie said.

Randwick Mayor Danny Said explained that illegal parties can have negative impacts on the environment, affect the amenity of local residents and put party goers at risk.

“I encourage residents who become aware of a planned illegal party or suspect that one may be setting up in a national park or beach area to contact local police or Crime Stoppers,” says Mayor Said.

“While it is great to see people getting out and enjoying our wonderful open spaces, activities such as illegal parties create disturbances, can damage the environment and often result in unnecessary and expensive clean-ups.

“There is also a significant safety risk to people that attend these parties as they are often held at night and associated with drug and alcohol use in areas where the consequences of slips, trips and falls can be extreme,” says Mayor Said.