The Development Application (DA) process at Randwick City Council is about to go paperless, making the development lodgement process simpler, faster and more transparent.

From Wednesday 1 July 2020, residents can submit most DAs via the Randwick Council website or the NSW Planning Portal,

DA determination and approved plans will be sent to the applicant via email. Digital lodgement of information will also apply to modification applications (Section 4.55), review applications (Section 8.2) and pre-lodgement applications.

Subdivision Certificate applications and Local Approvals, such as footpath dining agreement, will still require paper submissions.

“Going paper-free will not only save people time and effort, it will also do a lot to look after our environment and reduce our paper consumption,” explained Mayor Said. “We have the resources and capability for our residents to submit plans via digital means, it’s best practice on so many levels and makes sense for this to be the way forward.”

There will be no change to the way Council notifies people about DAs in their area. Residents will continue to receive letters and Council will advertise determined applications on Council’s website.

This move to a paperless application process is part of Randwick Council’s commitment to sustainability and using technology to streamline processes.