Published Date15/01/2021
News Topic [color=#ff7062]Planning & Development

Development Applications can be submitted anywhere, anytime and tracked easily thanks to the full implementation of NSW Planning Portal which will accept Randwick City development and building approvals from Friday 1 January 2021.
This change affects all Development Applications, Construction Certificates, appointments of a Principal Certifier, Occupation Certificates, Subdivision Certificates and Complying Development Certificates. Private Certifiers will also be required to submit their certificates through the Portal.
The only applications that can be accepted via Council’s own online lodgement portal are pre-lodgement applications and tree permit applications. Local Approval applications (i.e. footway dining) can be accepted over the counter at Council’s Administration Centre.
“The new portal is clear and simple, so residents can track the progress of their DAs and planners have access to all the information they need, including from other state agencies,” stated Randwick Mayor Danny Said. “This will make the process faster and easier for everyone involved.”
Residents need only to register for a secure NSW Planning Portal account to start the process. From there they can upload all necessary documentation, pay the required fees and receive notifications as the application progresses, such as when Council makes a decision.
Use of the NSW Planning Portal for all planning applications will become mandatory for all councils from July 2021.