Looking for help starting or growing your small business? Or pivoting it in the time of COVID? Free professional advice is at hand through Realise Business.

Funded by the NSW Government through the Business Connect program, Realise Business offers up to 34 hours of advisory, workshops, webinars and seminars to owners of small businesses {ie those with under $2m in turnover and less than 20 employees}.

Because of the Coronavirus, the NSW Government decided to waive the previously incurred out-of-pocket expense for these services, enabling businesses to access 34 hours at no cost to the client until the Pandemic, or its impact on businesses, are over. Prior to COVID-19, the first four hours of advice were free while the remaining hours were heavily discounted.

“We help people from the first seed of an idea, which is a great time to see us, because we can guide you through the maze of setting up a business; also we run Start a Business workshops,” says Amanda Warrington, Business Advisor at Realise Business, who provides advice under this scheme to small business at all stages.
“And we help people with businesses who have reached a road block and not sure which way to turn: that’s also a really important time.” 

Especially when they understand that systems they may have initially put in place won’t take them to the next level. Or that things need to change and they will give it one last go.
Another aspect that helps Amanda achieve top results in coaching clients is that she really enjoys her job: “I love my work,” she enthuses. “Helping people to understand business because to me, it actually came quite easy.”
Indeed, her over 20 years of expertise in business has been well acknowledged.

Earlier this year Amanda’s guidance of Kerri Ainsworth’s new business Art Travel Adventures won an award for small business growth. 

Another accolade is exemplified by Amanda’s most recent case study: let’s call her JB - Jane Businessperson. Referred by one of her friends, JB wasn't enjoying her business anymore and started applying
for jobs.

“But when I sat down with her, I realised she in fact loved her business but couldn’t move it forward,” Amanda observes. “I could see the potential so I suggested she give it one last shot – and still apply for jobs.”
Amanda set goals for her and JB is still operating today. “She is in such demand and has increased her sales by well over 100% and won an international award for her work.”

During this time of COVID, Amanda has been busy. “My job as a business advisor is to help people to see differently, to recognise how they’re going to come out of this time. They have to be agile,” she observes. “Some of my clients have come up with some great new ideas for their businesses after a couple of sessions, which is very satisfying."

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