Operated by Collaborate Corporation, an ASX-listed company (ASX:CL8) that also runs peer-to-peer car-rental provider DriveMyCar, Carly is a smart alternative to buying a car or committing to a loan or lease. Last week, Carly announced it was launching in Queensland after success in the Sydney and Melbourne markets.

It allows subscribers to choose a car to suit their lifestyle without the hefty upfront fees and long-term lock-in contracts. Carly enables drivers to subscribe to cars provided by car dealers and car manufacturers around the country.  

Collaborate CEO Chris Noone said: “We are very excited to expand into Queensland today in Brisbane and the Gold Coast region. Consumers have a genuine appetite for the subscription model* because it is an easier and more flexible alternative to car ownership and leasing.

Many of our Sydney Eastern Suburbs' subscribers love the flexibility they get with Carly. Instead of a car stuck in a garage for 6 months if they're away, they can simply subscribe to a new model car when they're back in Sydney. Business owners can get a car to try before they splash out on a purchase while we find many people subscribe for a few months if they're employed on contract or just don't want all the paperwork and hassle that comes with car ownership."

Carly is the most experienced and flexible car subscription provider in the market and is leading the car-subscription revolution thanks to its partnerships with Hyundai, SG Fleet, Turners Automotive and Suttons Motors.

To read more articles about Carly CLICK HERE, otherwise visit their website to find a new car for yourself 


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