Mayor of Waverley, Paula Masselos is delighted to announce that construction work the Bondi Pavilion Restoration and Conservation Project will commence mid-June.

Waverley Council took further steps towards appointing a head contractor for the project at its meeting last night. This follows on from the Development Application approval in December 2019.

Mayor Masselos was also pleased to see the Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union (CFMEU) officially announce that it had lifted the ‘green ban’ placed on the Pavilion in 2016.

“Together with progress on the procurement of a contractor, the lifting of the green ban means we will be able to meet our construction start date of mid-June,” Mayor Masselos said.

Waverley Council started working on plans to restore and upgrade Bondi Pavilion in 2015. In 2016, the Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union (CFMEU) placed a ‘green ban’ on the project following community opposition to the design of the time. In a statement to the media on Wednesday 20 May 2020, the CFMEU officially lifted that ban.

“Council worked with the community for over a year on the final design, which will see Bondi Pavilion restored to its full glory.

“The community told us loud and clear that they wanted to retain the Pavilion as a community and cultural hub. Council has listened. The Bondi Pavilion Restoration and Conservation Project ensures the Pavilion will continue to be used and loved for generations to come.

“We expect to confirm a contractor in the next fortnight, and this together with having the green ban lifted today, means the restoration can start as planned next month.”

The Bondi Pavilion Restoration and Conservation Project will take around 18 months to complete and includes:

New and improved amenities on the northern side of the Pavilion, including a family change room.
*Renovated community spaces
*Renovated art gallery and theatre
*A ‘Bondi Story Room’ which will be used as a flexible exhibition/educational space
*A community radio studio
*New tourist centre/box office to the north of the entrance foyer
*Renovated commercial spaces for hospitality and other services
*A new indigenous public artwork
*A larger space for the Pottery Studio and a second kiln.

“The design, which is guided by the Pavilion’s Conservation Management Plan, was given the green light by the Heritage Office late last year.

“The day we start works will be an important moment in history. It will mark the end of an era, and the beginning of an exciting future. I look forward to again seeing the Bondi Pavilion shining as a beautiful Australian icon,” Mayor Masselos said.

More information about the Bondi Pavilion Restoration and Conservation Project can be found on Council’s website: