Three weeks ago we made the decision to close beaches to help stop the spread of Coronavirus. And while we know the past three weeks have been difficult on our beach-going lifestyle, the closure has helped stopped the spread.

Since then, the Government has introduced clear social distancing and group gathering restrictions and the community has had time to adjust. We now feel we can allow our beaches to be accessed safely for exercise purposes only.

Keeping in mind that the Australian Government has made it clear that there are only a few reasons we should be leaving our homes at this time and they are:

1. for work (where you can’t work remotely)
2. to attend school or an educational institution
3. to shop for food and essentials
4. to get medical care or supplies
5. to exercise

With that in mind, as of Monday 20 April, Randwick City’s beaches including Coogee, Maroubra and Clovelly Beaches will be made available for exercise purposes only. We appreciate you exercising and leaving as soon as you can.

? What does this mean? ?

? People must maintain social distancing - ? 1.5 metres ? between each other when at the beach.
? Groups are limited to two people only and they must move on when exercise is complete.
? If you are a family, you may visit together - but the purpose of your visit must be exercise; playing on the sand or water's edge is not permitted at this time.
? Sitting or sun-baking on the sand is not permitted.
? Surfing is allowed. ?‍♂️
? Swimming is allowed. ?‍♀️
? Soft sand running is allowed. ?‍♀️
? Our ocean pools remain closed, per NSW Public Health orders.
? Our beach car parks are still closed.