If you're reading this on your phone while lying in bed wide awake, you're probably not the only one. Many of us do not get enough sleep on a daily basis.
If you've got a cupboard full of failed sleep remedies, that's not totally your fault. With so much information floating around, it's hard to separate fact from fiction. So how do you separate the miracles from the malarky?

Here are 5 science-backed ways to start sleeping better, according to experts:

1. Establish a routine
Putting yourself to bed around the same time every night isn't just for kids. If you’ve ever felt the effects of jet lag, then you already know how just a few hours' difference can throw off your brain and your body.

2. Skip the nightcap
It may help you fall it asleep, but it ruins the quality of your sleep. Instead, try sipping a caffeine-free herbal tea — like lavender or chamomile — to get your body and brain in the mood to snooze.

3. Avoid screens
Binge-watching your favorite mindless sitcom until you pass out can become a go-to routine, but the laptop, tablet, phone, or TV you’re using is counteracting your body’s natural sleepiness. These electronic devices emit short wavelength blue light, which can actually help your brain stay alert. If you can, I recommend you staying away from screens for an hour or two before bed.

4. Exercise (but listen to your body)
Besides lowering your chronic disease risk, reducing feelings of anxiety, and promoting a healthy weight, working out can also help you feel more rested. But if you're not into hitting the gym, keep in mind that everything from brisk walking to active yoga to yard work counts.

5. Don’t have a heavy dinner right before bed
Since a heavy meal takes much longer to digest and absorb than a lighter one, it can keep you awake while your system chugs along. Instead, try a light snack so you don't feel famished at bedtime. I drink a healthy nutritious shake, but a few nuts or cheese and whole wheat crackers can help you get through the night without feeling hungry, but it's still not heavy enough that your body will be working hard to digest it.

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