Just because the Council says something must be done - doesn't necessarily mean that it is so ! 

  • We  regularly apply for Exemptions - saving your vegetation and sometimes even the need for fencing !!

  • We work to save you further expense ..... We will offer you multiple alternative options (especially useful for agents with an absent or investor owner)

  • We are also pool builders and fencers we will give you practical advice

Note: Some Certifiers understand the older (more lenient) regulations better than others (check if a certifier was trained under Queensland's legislation and used "Mutual Recognition" to get certification in NSW) 

We will provide you with an Inspection & Report with issues identified and any rectification required to enable us to issue a Compliance Certificate .... see sample below.
Please also see people's recommendations below !
Our Certifiers have been asked to give presentations at The Property Owners Association, The Strata Managers Association and at the AGM of the Association of Accredited Certifiers. We Assess and Certify Your Pool To Save You Unnecessary Expense Where We Can.

We Apply for Exemptions where it is sensible and provide Expert Witness Reports for NCAT and Insurance Cases.

  • Barrister referral: "You're Expert Witness Report was excellent" Philip Bambagiotti

  • Lawyer referral: "Hi Mark,  The report is good. Thank you very much." Paul Berrill, Special Counsel

  • Agent referral: "Thank you Mark - We have forwarded your excellent report to the owner for their consideration".  Rowan Carroll, P.Leahy Pty Ltd Mosman

  • Client referrals:

  • "Thanks so much, you saved our house!!!" - Les Howard, Northbridge

  • "I would have sold the house if you hadn't got the exemption you did !"  Paul Andreatta, Avalon

  • "Thanks Mark, You saved us a lot of time and a lot of unnecessary expense".  Jon Farriss, Centennial Park

  • "Hi Mark, Thanks for all your help, you really understand the legislation inside out."    Alan Sacks

  • "It's such a relief to know that we do indeed have options !"  Louise Carey, Charlestown

  • Member of The Association of Accredited Swimming Pool Certifiers

  • Member of The Master Builders Association

  • Registered with The Building Professionals Board

  • NSW Licensed Builder - with experience in building swimming pools and pool fencing.

Our principle Mark Dodgson was one of 6 private Certifiers selected by the building Professionals Board to assess training company's proposed CPD training courses for other Swimming Pool Certifiers to study. He was also involved with the review of legislation and has a unique understanding.

Call 1800 256 225 for Mark, Peter or Paul

Level 5 203-233 New South Head Road, Edgecliff NSW 2027

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