A lot of people live with unsightly and uncomfortable skin
conditions because conventional pharmacy preparations do little to help.

Welcome to Noel
D’Souza’s Skin Solutions. At Noel’s two pharmacies in the heart of
Matraville, you can find his specially-compounded ointments and creams for Eczema and Psoriasis. He has been making them for many years and has
testimonials from hundreds of people he has helped.

Noel’s Psoriasis Ointment

Psoriasis is a skin disorder which produces unsightly scaling
and rashes. There is often severe itching. In extreme cases it presents as
pimples or blisters.

“There is a general belief that Psoriasis is an incurable
skin disease,” says Noel. “It is a skin disorder rather than a disease. And it
is treatable.”

Noel compounded his first batch of Psoriasis Ointment 25
years ago after researching successful medical prescriptions and talking to
pharmacy customers about what worked and what didn’t.

Since then, the preparation has become hugely popular way
beyond Matraville and the Randwick Local Government Area. Here’s what one woman

Dear Noel,

I have been suffering from Psoriasis for many years and have tried many
remedies. Since using your cream my Psoriasis has improved and is slowly coming
under control.

Thank you for an excellent product.


Noel’s Eczema

Eczema is a form of dermatitis. It is a common skin problem
that presents as dryness and inflammation of the skin. It causes redness and
rashes which can swell, itch, crust and flake. In extreme cases the skin cracks
and bleeds.

“You must never scratch the skin as it may result in scarring
or enlarge the rash,” Noel cautions.

The good news is that Eczema is readily treatable! Noel’s
Eczema Cream is a proven, highly effective product which can help you find fast
and effective relief.

popular products compounded by Noel and his team

Soove Are you an athlete sidelined by muscle problems? Noel’s
Muscle Soove helps to treat aches and pains and at the same time applies gentle
heat to get the circulation going.

Cream Nappy rash can cause severe skin damage. The cream made up
by Noel behind the pharmacy counter is a trusted source of relief. Also
effective for sweat rash.

Bronchitis Mixture Named after Theo Lianos, who owned the original
Matraville pharmacy Noel took over in the 1980s. Again, an effective,
tried-and-tested remedy. Contains ammonia, creosote and a number of other
ingredients Noel keeps close to his chest.   


D’Souza’s approach to business


Some people know Noel as the former Mayor of
Randwick and most recently, a state parliamentary candidate. But most residents
in Matraville and surrounding suburbs know Noel as the friendly, ever-caring
man behind the pharmacy counter.


He attributes his business success and
popularity as a community leader to “good, old-fashioned service and a belief
in the community he serves.”

Noel D’Souza Chemist 
496 Bunnerong Rd Matraville
Ph 9311 1600

Soul Pattinson Chemist
465-503 Bunnerong Rd Matraville
Ph (02) 9311 1686

496 Bunnerong Rd Matraville and 465-503 Bunnerong Rd Matraville


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