The Dance of Life - Biodanza!

“If music is the universal language, then dance is the ideal form capable of integrating body and soul.”

What is Biodanza?

Biodanza is a system based on organic dances that create patterns of movement generating life. These transform over time into new, happier and healthier ways of living.

Biodanza is about:

  • living in the moment of here and now

  • the movements of life

  • listening to your rhythms

  • embracing changes and opportunities

  • awakening your senses

  • unlocking your potentials and opening up to possibilities.

A Biodanza session is an invitation to participate in dances and exercises on your own and within a group. Music is specially selected to complement each dance. There are no formal dance steps required – only your expression of yourself, just free expression and experimenting with what feels good for you through music and fun!

The benefits of dancing with Biodanza:

  • boost feel-good endorphins

  • stimulate vitality

  • rediscover the joy of living

  • revive the pleasure of moving naturally

  • promote creativity and wellbeing

  • reconnect with ourselves, community & nature.

Who is it for?
All Welcome! Everyone can participate. You don’t need any dance experience or special level of fitness.

Prana Space 1/696 New South Head Rd - Rose Bay NSW 2029

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