Active ageing is about staying engaged and feeling worthwhile. It adds years to people's lives and quality to those years.

Gone is the idea of retirement from life and doing nothing but "taking it easy". Instead people are encouraged to stay active, participate in life and continue to be productive.

Home Sweet Home Nursing Care provides care and support to allow older adults to gain or uphold personal resilience, independence and autonomy, whilst maintaining social roles, activities and relationships enabling them to live a productive lifestyle.

Apart from appropriate medical care our role is to empower people to enjoy their later years, and where-ever possible allow them to stay in their home environment. 

Home Sweet Home Nursing Care aims to enable individuals to have positive self-belief, agency and dignity which are also components of successful ageing (McIntyre, 2013). Evidence suggest that these factors allow individuals to cope better with serious health issues resulting in increased longevity (McIntyre, 2013).

If you, or a loved one, value the idea of being positive and empowered in your later years please us a call on the number below, or visit our website for more information.

Level 5, 203-233 New South Head Road Edgecliff 2027 NSW