There is much controversy about pet vaccinations and the need to do it. Pet owners can go to the expense of titre testing but that would tell you at a point in time not the future of viral protection.

Vaccinations are not only important for the individual pet but also for the pet community to reduce the amount of susceptible pets in the community and therefor outbreaks.

There are now Core vaccines that can be done once every 3 years for some viruses. In dogs (distemper, hepatis and parvo) and cats (panleucopaenia) which have 3 year protection in some vaccines. The vaccination gives the vet a chance to do a health check and let you know any health concerns and answer any of your questions.

A vaccination is a non emergency and scheduled appointment. In Australia I am the first to have a mobile service only for pet vaccinations and heartworm injection. I started the service as people are time poor and many pets dislike travel. Usually the cost for a home visit vaccine is costly but not with Dr Jon Berkowitz where there is no call out fee.

It's lovely to meet pets and their parents in a relaxed environment at home. After 25 years being a vet I know how important a good health check up is.

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