MyfaceSockeEU Upload Your Face on Socks, be sure to pair your custom face socks with a self-healing sock. Sock photography is an art that was once only accessible to the high end fashion photographer or models. Today, anyone with a camera and some editing time can create some of the most realistic portraits you could ever dream of. Many self-portraits are made from photographs taken by hobbyists using their digital cameras (with professional equipment). Others are made from photos you take of yourself at random while you are out and about. In either case, you will need to have some good pictures with which to work.

If you have never tried sock photography before, now is your chance to have those photos transformed into works of art that will look like the artists who created them are themselves. When ordering your custom face socks through the e-store, you will need to select a photograph that is at least five hundred pixels wide. The resolution should be about one million pixels. The amount of detail and color in the photo should be appropriate for what you are trying to achieve. You will also need to enter the dimensions of your head, hand, and the custom character you intend to create.

Once you have entered in all of this information, the e-store will let you know what kind of custom character you have chosen. There are a number of different options, including cartoon characters, sports icons, and movie heroes. Once you have picked a character, you can then select which custom sock you would like to have printed. This can range from the size, shape, and color of the sock all the way down to the texture and placement of the art on your custom face socks. There are nearly endless possibilities when it comes to creating custom graphics for your custom face socks.