Canada, located in the northern part of North America, has English and French as two of the languages that are spoken, widely. Several other languages used include German, Spanish and Chinese. The history of Canada, plus cultures, religions, literature, music, the arts and sports bring countless visitors to Canada, year round.

Canadian wines have been produced for over two hundred years and are now recognised globally, with many receiving prestigious awards at competitions and events. I searched for wines ‘beyond the norm’ – to locate productions of Icewine.

Icewines are actually only produced by a few countries. Canadian Icewines are high on the ‘leaderboard’ for quality and presentation, utilising fruits that have been frozen while still on the vine. The water content freezes, which allows for a more concentrated juice to develop. When the time is right for picking the fruit, the pickers have to be ‘ready for action’ at the optimum time. Canada is recognised as the largest Icewine producer, globally.

Lakeview Cellars is the oldest brand incorporated within the Diamond Estates family of beverages. Established during 1991, in Vineland, Lakeview Cellars continues to produce excellent wines. Splendid full-bodied red and full-flavoured white wines, from this company, are very popular and the wine productions accompany cuisine superbly, as well as being able to be enjoyed by themselves.

I found the luscious aged Icewines, produced by multi award-winning Lakeview Cellars, to be of exceptional quality and very impressive. White Vidal Icewine has the bouquet of sweet fruits and honey enticing to the grand mouthfeel. A wine that is great to pair with cuisine, wonderfully, including fruit desserts and also cheeses. 

Lakeview Cellars Cabernet Franc Icewine is another truly fabulous production. This high-quality red Icewine is richly aromatic, with strawberry and cherry notes to please the nasal senses. The mouth’s pleasures follow on to enjoy the sensation, that include raspberries and red currants. When accompanying chocolate desserts and good cheeses, this makes them all perfect. Icewines increase in popularity every year and are a great ‘talking point’, always adding interest (and intrigue) to dining tables, plus occasions and events.

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