Let’s face it, dating in 2019 is hard work even with all the dating apps available.

While men are defeated by fake profiles, limited matches, and no replies, women are overloaded with trying to find that one good guy like a needle in a haystack.

So what about if we eliminated all the bull*hit and help you to find that 'right' one?

Dating with Dogs does exactly that – we bring like-minded people together in a non-confrontational way and add a whole bunch of dogs.

It’s fun, it’s flirty and the fact that they ‘paid’ for a ticket means that they’re genuine.

Grab your ticket NOW and by this time next week, you could be a smitten kitten.

While we encourage people to bring their pups, this dating event is for dog lovers in general, so whether you have a dog or not, you're invited!

429 New South Head Road, Double Bay, NSW 2028