The arrival of Sculpture By The Sea reminds us that it’s time to get active, plan a BBQ, attend a Street Festival, go for a bracing walk and shrug off all the bad habits of winter.

We celebrate its 'Sculpture By The Sea' in the lead article of our new Bondi Buzz 4-page  liftout. This also features: What to do in Bondi, Events in Bondi, Bondi News, Local Businesses and locator map, and a North Bondi Backstreet Walkabout. Visit to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening in between ESL newspaper editions.

The website also lets any member of the community publish their own news, views and articles online at any time, providing immediate updates to whatever is happening in the area. Pop along and give it
a try, some of what is published may even end up in the Eastern Suburbs Life hard copy paper. With your permission, of course.

As usual we have a lot of community news from the local charities and community bodies that provide the fabric that nurtures our society and have increasing content on sustainable living including details of the 'Grow it Local Festival' that takes place between Nov 8-24.

At the other end of the scale, we congratulate April Strauss on her record breaking sale of $23.25 million for an Eastern Suburbs residential home and also include an article on the Audi RS “A Classic Car in the Making” says Josh Thatcher, owner of Edgecliff Automotive.

As an aside, the article informs us that Karl Benz took out patents on the Spark Plug, the Carburettor, the Clutch, the Gear Shift, the Water Radiator, the Speed Regulation System and Ignition using a battery to produce the spark. A significant achievement for someone who studied as a locksmith.

At this moment of climate change gloom his contribution reminds us that many of mankind’s greatest achievements have been made by exceptional people finding a way to solve a problem. This edition of the paper shows us that many people are already working to solve the problems of climate change and sustainability, and they are not waiting for government instructions to do it.

Those reflections aside we have articles on Individualised Home Care, an Uplifting story on Dementia, a Grand European Indulgence Tour, Vaccinating Your Pets, Outdoor Furniture and our regular favourite Paddington Patter..which keeps readers up-to-date with everything happening in Paddington.

As always we extend a big thank you to our readers and contributors and hope you enjoy the changing tempo of longer days.

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