Woollahra Council will improve safety along New South Head Road with plans to install a 2.4km cycleway, providing cyclists with an alternative to a busy stretch of road.

The plan incorporates separate spaces for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles along the Rose Bay Promenade. The proposed cycleway, to be located on New South Head Road, between William Street, Double Bay and Norwich Road, Rose Bay, includes:

·        A shared path along the harbourside footpath on New South Head Road between William Street, Double Bay and Regatta Restaurant/Rose Bay Marina

·        A separated bi-directional cycleway and pedestrian path along the Rose Bay Promenade, involving a narrowing of the current footpath section

·        A shared path along the harbourside footpath of New South Head Road, adjacent to Lyne Park

·        A shared path on the southern side of New South Head Road between Kent Road and Norwich Road, Rose Bay.

As the only direct connection to the city from the area, this stretch of road is regarded as a missing link in Sydney’s cycling network, but currently does not have any protected on-road bike paths or off-road alternatives for cyclists to be separated from traffic.

“The safety of our residents and those traveling through our area is paramount. There have been several cyclist fatalities and near misses along this route in recent years, and this design reflects Council’s strong desire to avoid any further accidents and also to encourage more people to take up cycling,” says Woollahra Mayor Peter M Cavanagh.

“Rose Bay Promenade is part of the Hermitage Foreshore track, one of Sydney’s great coastal walks, and is well-used for a variety of recreation purposes.

“The shared design has incorporated community feedback and represents the best option for ensuring it can be safely shared by pedestrians, cyclists and parents with prams, while safeguarding existing mature trees, with no loss of parking spaces along the promenade.

“Now that we have the design complete, the next step is a DA for the section of the cycleway along the Rose Bay Promenade, due to its heritage status.”

The DA will be referred to the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage for assessment. The other sections of the proposed cycleway do not require development consent under State Infrastructure Legislation.

Council is inviting the community to make submissions on the DA between 15 May and 13 June 2019 at yoursay.woollahra.nsw.gov.au/. All submissions relating to the DA for the Rose Bay Promenade section of the cycleway will be considered as part of the development application and included in the final report, which is expected to go to Council in late June. The proposed cycleway will be delivered with funding assistance from the NSW Government.

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